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I knew I was breaking the rules by asking. It was like asking a wife if she forgives the husband who is still with the other woman with no sign he will ever repent or return.

This is not what we should be doing. I had no business doing it. Instead, I should have been repenting on behalf of America. We should all be praying and fasting like Daniel did when he said:

Daniel 9: 13“Asit iswritten in the Law of Moses, all this disaster has come upon us;yet we have not made our prayer before theLordour God, that we might turn from our iniquities and understand Your truth.14Therefore theLordhaskept the disaster in mind and brought it upon us; fortheLordour Godisrighteous in all the works which He does, though we have not obeyed His voice.15And now, O Lord our God,who brought Your people out of the land of Egypt with…

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Sermon on Alcohol | The Sin of Using Strong Drink

Source: Sermon on Alcohol | The Sin of Using Strong Drink

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Mario Murillo Ministries

Wanted: Misfits, rebels and true warriors. I am looking for those who aren’t waiting for permission to save a nation from destruction.

Today, I write about violence. Today, I write to the violent. There is no point in talking to those who are afraid of their own shadow, or those who can’t wait for a return to the same old harmless lukewarm religion as before, when America reopens. This blog is not for those who practice ‘cuddly-Christianity.’

Matthew 11:12, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”

The Left says, “Be a good little Christian, we got this.”  They warn pastors, “Just because the pandemic is winding down, that doesn’t mean we won’t stop telling you when you can meet and what you can preach.  They say, “Get used to less privacy, less rights, and…

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Do not go after predictions about what will happen. Go after God and make something happen.

Mario Murillo Ministries

Never have I been more solemn about anything I have ever written. Never have I felt the need to risk whatever credibility I may have with you. I am going against the grain of making predictions.

Many predictors are driven by the desperate need to console the weary American Church. They are talking the way they did before the pandemic and before the Biden debacle. They are telling you that we are about to be relieved and no longer on a war-footing. They are saying that we can now return to a peacetime church culture.

Not only are they horribly wrong—their message will leave you open to the attack of the enemy. Their words may be sweet to the taste, but in the end, they will be bitter in your stomach. (Rev. 10:9) Do not let them distract you from contending for a national miracle to chasing predictions.

We as…

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Do your research check to see if it is so


Can you believe this was filmed in 2009? These predictions are possible because there is ACTUALLY a plan, and those that can see it know what is to come.


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Mario Murillo Ministries

The locomotive is barreling down the tracks. Momentum at Mario Murillo Ministries is both stunning and humbling. The combination of starving souls on the streets, and an on-fire core of pastors and soldiers, portends a gigantic harvest of souls in California.

I began wondering what Satan was going to do. Sure enough, right on schedule, it came from a “news” agency—I won’t say their name, but it is an agency that makes news weak.

They did the classic hit piece, lies and all.

My flesh yearned to retaliate, because I had them dead to rights. Then something absolutely amazing happened. I remembered the Modesto Manifesto. I couldn’t believe how perfect this was, and I began to roar with laughter.

Billy Graham came to Modesto, California, early in his ministry. While there, the national press launched a blistering attack on Graham and his entourage. He gathered his team together and created…

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Mario Murillo Ministries

First, he screamed and he kept screaming until he could scream no more. Then he fell off a cliff into the abyss of broken souls. He crashed with a force that could have moved the earth. Around him lay fragments—the new and hideous replacements of his former self. Shame replaced love. Cowardice replaced faith. Hope was driven out to make room for the mocking predator. Worst of all was the deep despair he felt as he saw his destiny plunge into a black hole of regret.

This all happened the day after Jesus died.

To survive, Peter virtually became a robot. He reverted to fishing. It’s what he was programmed to do. It’s what he knew best. He went through the motions to avoid every feeling, suppressing every emotion.

The difference between Peter and Judas Iscariot is razor thin. The fever of despair and regret raged in Peter every bit…

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Diagnosis or Cure?

A particular hypothetical individual came forward at the altar call and prayed a prayer with the minister to receive Jesus Christ as Lord. Later, this individual “backslid” and went back into the world. The Calvinist says he was not truly regenerate to begin with. He needs to repent and embrace faith in Jesus Christ. The Arminian says he may have been regenerate, but he “fell from grace.” He needs to repent and embrace faith in Jesus Christ. The diagnoses may be different but the CURE is the SAME! Should we argue endlessly over the diagnosis, or should we focus on what we agree to be the CURE?

(Thanks to Dr. Wayne Grudem for the illustration.)

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Mario Murillo Ministries

There are some scary people in California. It is 7:30 a.m. Preachers are waiting outside of Christian Worship Center in Manteca, as if they were going to a rock concert. They know lunch isn’t until noon, but here they are, so excited to get one of the 1,200 seats inside that they showed up, four and a half hours early.

The doors were scheduled to open at 11 a.m. Yet, we have no choice but to open them a full hour early, and by 10:50 a.m. the house is 80% full.

Inside, megachurch pastors sit beside pastors of smaller churches. Love levels the field. Tears flow. They are singing their hearts out. Why is there so much intensity and joy? It is because of the lockdown.

For most, this is the first time in a year they have been able to be in a packed church with on-fire believers. It…

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The Flaming Herald

Months ago my good friend, and prophet Ken Peters issued this scathing rebuke. If you have any bit of arrogance and are not humble and teachable, you will find it hard to receive it. At the least, submit it to the Holy Spirit. Here it is:

Hopefully all the Christian leaders who rolled over and played dead across this country will read…

In Russia the Christian leaders like you blindly followed instructions, and then came Lenin and Communism, followed by Hitler in Germany. Now look at Germany.

Mao in China?

Castro in Cuba?

Sanders, Biden, Pelosi, and Newsome..

Keep sitting back brothers and sisters and the obvious is going to happen!
You continue to reap the benefits of this present President and his outspoken support of Christianity and Israel, but fail to support him for fear of what other spineless church leaders think of you! You hide behind your video…

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