I hear the Father Saying 10/4/17

Robin Kirby Gatto


“I hear the Father saying:

You are in an OPEN DOOR SEASON, where the power of My grace will be made known to you, marking you in a greater anointing for this hour, as I release a WILD OX ANOINTING on My people, to rise up in My mighty power and strength, so they will be bold as a lion as they tread over scorpions and serpents.

I will cause you to rise up in the power of My Word of Truth in great and mighty strength, like a Wild Ox on the threshing floor, who has been given the wheat under their feet, so that they can thresh the wheat, where I will bring the enemy under your feet, as you have caused the Word of God to be the power by which every stronghold comes down unto the obedience of Christ Jesus!

I will show that which has…

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Politics Disguised as Science: When to Doubt a Scientific ‘Consensus’ | The Stream

How should non-specialists know when to trust or doubt a supposed ‘scientific consensus’ on a subject such as climate change/global warming?

Source: Politics Disguised as Science: When to Doubt a Scientific ‘Consensus’ | The Stream

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The Flaming Herald

I remember as a child learning to float on my back in the water at a beach we frequented in the summertime. After floating for a few minutes I’d look around and realize that I had drifted quite a distance from where I first started. The gentle motion of the ocean waves had caused me to drift.

I find this concept to be true in the Christian life as well. There is a spiritual drifting that occurs when we don’t maintain a strong and close communion with the Lord and feed on the full counsel of His Word.  You will begin accepting what popular elevated teachers in the Christian marketplace teach you instead of what the Bible actually says. It will become easier for you to swallow erroneous teachings – fables, fads, and popular trends in Christendom. And worse of all, you’ll slip into sin, worldliness,  and compromise a little…

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Trump at 3-5 Tong on the island of Lewis Photograph by Murdo MacLeod

Did you know that President Donald J. Trump has two great aunts that prayed the Hebrides Revival down from heaven between 1949 and 1952? The Hebrides Islands are off the west coast of Scotland.

In the late 1940s, there were two elderly sisters that were too frail to attend public services – 84-year-old Peggy Smith was blind and 82-year-old Christine Smith was almost bent over double from arthritis. Their humble Scottish cottage on the isle of Lewis in the small fishing village of Barvas became their sanctuary where they petitioned God day and night for a promise given to them “I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground.”

One night, Peggy received a revelation that revival was coming and the church of their fathers would be crowded again with young people. Peggy sent for Reverend James Murray MacKay to tell him to call…

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Derek Prince Article

  • Number one. Mental and emotional breakdowns.
  • Number two. Repeated or chronic sicknesses—especially if they’re hereditary. The very word hereditary should alert you maybe there’s a curse coming from generation to generation.
  • Number three. Repeated miscarriages or related female problems. I think Ruth would agree with me that since we came to understand this we have seen scores and scores of women with problems like that released from them simply when they’re dealt with as a curse. If you care to read Deuteronomy 28 you’ll find that Moses viewed them the same way.
  • Number four. The breakdown of marriage and family alienation. Now one divorce in a family isn’t necessarily indicative but if a family’s whole history is divorces and the breakdown of family relationships and alienations, I personally would say you can be sure there’s a curse over that family.
  • Number five. Continuing financial insufficiency—especially where the income appears sufficient. Now if you happen to be short of money or poor for a time that’s not necessarily a curse. But if you’re always in that situation you need to be checking. Especially if according to the books your income should be sufficient. Let me tell you this little story, it always amuses me. A certain lady in the States got hold of my teaching and wrote me and said, “I believe there’s a curse over my husband’s family.” I wrote back and said to her, “Tell me why you believe there’s a curse over your husband’s family.” She wrote back and said, “My husband’s estate runs into hundreds of millions of dollars. Our annual income is a million dollars and we never have enough money.” I said, “I’m convinced!” Actually, there were other indications when we got down to it besides that.
  • The next one is accident prone—which is statistically diagnosable. You’ll find that insurance companies will charge you a higher premium if they diagnose you as being accident prone. Again, it alone alerts me the moment I find out.
  • Finally, a history of suicides or unnatural deaths in a family.



https://preview.tinyurl.com/yda3h3g9     Link to article

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The Real Problem With ‘Snowflakes’ and Millennials (PODCAST)

With ‘Snowflakes’ and Millennials, the problem runs deeper than political and social. It’s psychological and even philosophical. A generation of people hav

Source: The Real Problem With ‘Snowflakes’ and Millennials (PODCAST)

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Mario Murillo Ministries

Many of the things the church is doing today simply do not matter.  I am not saying they are not good, or impressive or successful—I am saying they will not save the nation, and therefore, they do not matter.

We know the times are evil.  What can we do about it?  That’s the number one question I get.  My answer is, we need stop toying, speculating and paying lip service to revival.  We need to seize a revival that matters.

But the real culprit today is false revival.  There is untold damage when we take a good meeting and marketing it as revival.  To call a good meeting revival is like filling a bath tub with salt water and calling it the Pacific Ocean.

I am not the one telling you your good meeting is not revival—history, and our culture tell you.  History says revival overflows church walls and makes…

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The Flaming Herald

Two of the main reasons people associate with a church is to be a success in life or to be a success in ministry. Both of these reasons are diluting the true heart of the Lord for His people.

The number one priority in the lives of believers should be to conform to the image of Christ. Period. Everything else will flow from there.

Jeremiah Johnson said this:

“If I had 100 students enrolled in a 4 year school of ministry, I would spend the entire first year delivering them from their need to be in ministry.

“That’s right, if you are called to the “ministry”, step one is getting delivered of your need to be in ministry.”

He also recommended this ministry training philosophy:

1. I would take ministry students hungry to preach and teach them how to pray.

2. I would take ministry students hungry for the applause of…

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“Return, ye backsliding children, and I will heal your backslidings …”

Jeremiah 3:22

Scripture describes the backslidden state as: serving two masters, forsaking the Lord, going our own way, leaving our first love, forgetting God, falling away, turning aside (“like a deceitful bow,”), growing cold, departing from the faith, putting a hand to the plow and looking back (Lk 9:62), “salt that has lost its savor” (Mat 5:13), “a dog returning to his vomit” (Prov 26:11), a dead branch (John 15:6; Heb 6:8). Forsaking assembly.

Lots wife would be an example of looking back!  Hebrews 10:39


And we are not of those drawing back to destruction, but of those believing to a preserving of soul.

Young’s Literal Translation


This “looking back” is not merely reflecting to evaluate the progress made since one decided to leave the world. Instead, it is like Lot’s wife, who looked back with a degree of longing to return to what she had left.

Her life was literally on the line, and rather than being fully engaged in surviving, she placed a higher priority on life’s lesser matters than on the greater one of preserving her life through God’s gift of protection.  We do not want to be the virgins with no oil when He comes…He comes quickly when the worldly are not expecting Him!




(1) Formality in worship – “going through the motions” so to speak.


(2) Absence of joy in general and of the things of God in particular. (Bitterness steals joy)


(3) Religious bondage – This is similar to #1. We find our religious “duties” onerous, and yet carry them out much like a dutiful albeit unloving wife who sees the marriage covenant as forever and seeks to fulfill her “duties” to her husband.


(4) Uncontrollable anger, for when the Spirit fills us we are enabled to control our anger and our tongue (Eph 4:26-27, 29) Verse 65 Give the devil an opportunity   “GIVE PLACE” Topos An inhabited place


(5) An unloving spirit that instead of looking for the best in others, continually puts the worst construction on their conduct.


(6) A fault-finding spirit, judging even the motives of others, placing blame on others, judging them harshly.


(7) Waning interest in the Word of Truth and Life. This may be one of the most telling and serious symptoms, because without the continual spiritual nourishment provided by the Word, we place ourselves in danger of backsliding even further!


(8) A lack of interest in secret prayer (Ouch!)


(9) A lack of interest in seeing souls saved and revived. Failure to pray for and/or share the Gospel with those dead in their trespasses and sins.


(10) No interest in reports of revivals indicating a significant movement of the Spirit of God.


(11) No significant interest in missions and outreach to the unreached people groups of the world.


(12) No interest in benevolent enterprises (orphans, widows, poor, etc).


(13) A lack of interest in holiness (progressive sanctification).


(14) No interest in souls who are recently converted.


(15) Prayers that are self/inward focused rather than others/outward focused.


(16) Increasing interests for the things of the world than the things above (Col 3:1, 2).


(17) A conscience that is not tender, not easily offended by sin.


(18) Fear of man prevails over fear of God.

People can turn your heart from God.  Churches can walk away from God. Love of the world can turn your heart from God.

Backsliding opens doors to demons. Along with this comes guilt, shame and condemnation.  Tormenting spirits and hindering spirits work to keep you from reconnecting with God.

People trapped in this will have a constant back and forth…In the Lord then back to the world.  As much as they try they are unstable and need to repent, renounce, and ask forgiveness for turning away from God.


“Decline from faith to infidelity or decline to error about the meaning of the Scriptures”.


“Hearts decline from the love of God and goodness…to some carnal vanity…at the same time, the thoughts of God grow less serious and pleasing…and the means which should kindle love are used with more dullness, remissness, and indifference…”


This is the kind of person whose outward life remains pretty much the same. He doesn’t fall into gross sin; he doesn’t renounce the faith; he doesn’t quit going to church; he still reads the Bible and prays. But his heart is no longer in it.


“Fall from duty toward God or man; or fall into positive sins and turn to sensuality, worldliness, or pride”.


He quits going to church; he no longer prays or reads the Bible; and so on. Or he starts drinking heavily; he leaves his wife for another woman; and sins of that kind. They fall into error; they fall into hypocrisy; they fall into visible sin.


“These people draw near to Me with their mouths and honor Me with their lips, but have removed their hearts far from Me”.

And then, what about your obedience? Is it starting to slack off? Are you giving into temptation more quickly and fully than before?


TRUE SIGNS by Baxter

“You grow bolder with sin or with the occasions of it, and temptations to it than you were when you were more watchful”.

This means you hesitate less about your sins. And that you permit yourself to be tempted more often than you did when you were more devoted than you are now. Think about the places you now go or the movies you now watch. Once upon a time, you were more careful about temptations than you are now.

“You make a small matter of those inward corruptions that once grieved you”.


This is a sure sign of backsliding. When you care only about what you do–not what you are inside.


“When you settle into a course of religion that puts your flesh to little cost in labor in your calling.


If your faith no longer demands self-denial, it’s a faith in decline. If it no longer looks weird to unbelievers, it’s backslidden.


Sometimes your prayer life or Bible reading will be dull and dead. This doesn’t mean you’re backslidden. But when you don’t care that they are–then you’re backslidden for sure.


5.”When you grow cold to God and Jesus Christ, and have little converse with Him in the Spirit; and your thoughts of Him are few and cold and lifeless; and when your religion lies all in conversing with good men and good books and outward duties”.  A lack of worship and praise…. Scripture calls worship a sacrifice to God. (Heb 13:5)


I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

“When you become negligent of your hearts”.  (Rom 12:1)

This speaks for itself. Religion without heart.


“When spiritual helps are less [valued] and you grow indifferent to sermons, prayers, and sacraments you once could not live without”.


Preaching, public prayer, the Lord’s Supper, and so on, are not ways to fill up time! They’re means of grace or channels of blessing. If they no longer do you good, then you’re backslidden.


“When you grow too regardful to the eye of men and regardless to the eye of God”.


Some people go to church to be entertained. If the sermon is too long or not interesting enough, they dislike it–even if it’s true and edifying. That suggests a carnal mind.


“When you grow more indifferent of your company and set less by the company of serious, godly Christians than you did, and are almost as well pleased with common company and discourse”.  Or forsaking the assembly altogether…the enemy wants to separate us from ourselves others and God.


JOHN GILL COMMENTARY   And an assembling together ought not to be forsaken; for it is a forsaking God, and their own mercies, and such are like to be forsaken of God; nor is it known what is lost hereby; and it is the first  initial outward visible step to apostasy, and often the issues that follow it it.  (Apostasy is the final attempt of the enemy to kill steal destroy)


The vigorous believer craves fellowship; the backslider prefers small talk. There’s a place for both, of course, but when godly conversation starts boring you, you know you’re backslidden.


“When you grow more impatient of reproof of sin and [cannot bear] being told anything in you is wrong”.


Are you sensitive about being corrected?


“When your daily repentance becomes a lifeless work”. True repentance is turning back to Christ and giving up the sin.  It is turning from “DEAD WORKS” Heb 6:1 In the Heb 6 chapter we find the doctrines of Christ!  Repentance from dead works is first…then “Faith”…this is God’s order and direction…we cannot go to Faith #2 on the list and ignore #1 Repentance.


This is a sharp observation. I assume you confess your sins every day. This can become a dead routine. Your sins must be confessed–but not only that. They must also be felt/grieved/hated


“When you grow more uncharitable and critical of brethren…”


“When you grow less compassionate to the ungodly world”.


“When you thirst after some worldly contentment over thirst of the WORD.


“When sense, appetite, and fleshly pleasure grow so powerful you cannot deny them…”


“When you are more proud and impatient and cannot bear disrespect…”


“Lastly, when you had rather dwell on earth than be in heaven”.



Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth   I choose to confess, repent, renounce and forsake participation with __Backsliding_____  (identify) I ask for forgiveness and renounce all curses associated with the spirits assigned to me and that the curse be broken in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


I recognize and take responsibility in the generations of my family on both sides going back to Adam and Eve for our participation with all spirits of   (identify)

I release myself from any guilt, shame, condemnation and any curses due to   _Backsliding_____ (identify)

*Lord Jesus, I shatter, cut off and dissolve the power of the spirits of____**___ (*Name them all)


AWOL Lust perversion rebellion hard heart Bad habits vices worldliness’

Apostate   unfaithful unbelief

Backslider double minded apostasy






















In my life.



In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I cancel all of Satan’s power and authority over me because of _Backsliding_____ (identify)  In Jesus’ mighty name I cast you out and command you to go quietly now.


In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command all tormentors and principalities of bitterness, self-bitterness, jealousy and envy, rejection, fear, doubt/unbelief, occult, and any other spirits that have been assigned to me because of  _Backsliding______ (identify) to leave me now, without causing any damage, and go to the dry place.


Holy Spirit thank you for healing my heart, my soul (mind, will, emotions), and body, Please reveal your loving words of truth to me.


(PSALM 25 http://www.hope4u.ca   Pastor Dr. Gail Dowd http://www.nuggets4u.wordpress.com




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Unbelief Sermon

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