The Reason for So Many False Conversions — Charisma News

Source: The Reason for So Many False Conversions — Charisma News

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Why We No Longer See the Miraculous — Charisma News

Source: Why We No Longer See the Miraculous — Charisma News

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What’s Next In The Church?

.Stanley Frodsham – Warning


This prophecy was given at the Elim Bible Institute USA, in 1965 by the late Stanley Frodsham. Brother Frodsham was one of those who received his Baptism in the Holy Ghost at Sunderland in 1908 where the Pentecostal movement in Britain had its beginnings. He was a recognized prophet and teacher in the Body of Christ whose life and ministry spanned the Pentecostal Revival, the great Healing Revival and the early days of the Charismatic Movement. He also authored the well-known book, “Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle of Faith”. It is written: “Despise not prophesying. Prove all things, hold fast that which is good” (I Thessalonians 5.-20,21). The following is a prophetic word given to one who was under a heavy anointing. We believe all who read these solemn prophetic warnings should take diligent heed to them. “Believe in the Lord your God, so ye shall be established,- believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper” (II Chronicles 20.-20).



With great judgments will I plead with the population of this country. Great darkness is coming upon the countries that have heard my gospel but no longer walk in it. My wrath shall come upon them. The darkness shall be so great, and the anguish so sore that men will cry out for death and shall not find it. There shall be a lingering death, famine, and great catastrophes.

My wrath shall be manifested against all ungodliness. It shall come with great intensity. You have known My love but have not known My wrath, My severity. My judgments are literal and not a thing to be lightly passed over. Realize the severity of My judgments and My intense anger against the sin in My household. My judgments shall begin in My house. For I will cleanse My house that it be not partaker of My wrath against the iniquities of the cities. Before I visit the nations in judgement I will begin at My house. When I do cause My wrath to come upon the cities of the world My people shall be separate. I desire a people without spot or wrinkle, and such shall be preserved by Me in the time of My wrath coming upon all iniquity and unrighteousness.

I am going to prepare you for the coming days by a hard path that will cause you to cry out continually unto Me. For when the going is easy, men do not seek Me, but rejoice in a temporary blessing. And when that blessing is removed they so often turn this way and that way but do not come to Me. I am showing you these things that you may seek Me continually and with great diligence. As you seek Me, I will open up truths to you that you have not seen before; and these very truths will be that which will enable you to stand in these last days. As you are persecuted, reviled and rejected by your brethren then you will turn unto Me with all your heart and seek Me for that spiritual life you have need of. And when tribulation comes you will have that which will enable you to stand. For many shall be tossed to and fro. Men’s hearts shall fail them because of trouble on every hand. For these days shall be very terrible, the like of which has never been seen before.

When I visit My people in mighty revival power, it is to prepare them for the darkness ahead. With the glory shall come great darkness, for the glory is to prepare My people for the darkness. I will enable My people to go through because of the visitation of My Spirit. Take heed to yourselves lest you be puffed up and think that you have arrived. Many shall be puffed up as in the olden days, for many then received My message but they continued not in it. Did I not anoint Jehu? Yet the things I desired were not accomplished in his life. Listen to the messengers, but do not hold men’s persons in admiration. For many whom I shall anoint mightily, with signs and miracles, shall become lifted up and shall fall by the wayside. I do not this willingly; I have made provision that they might stand. I call many into this ministry, and equip them; but remember that many shall fall. They shall be like bright lights, and the people shall delight in them. But they shall be taken over by deceiving spirits and shall lead many of My people astray.

Hearken diligently concerning these things, for in the last days shall come seducing spirits that shall turn many of My anointed ones away. Many shall fall through divers lusts, and because of sin abounding. But if you will seek Me diligently I will put My Spirit within you. When one shall turn to the right hand or to the left you shall not turn with them, but keep your eyes wholly on the Lord. The coming days are the most dangerous, difficult and dark, but there shall be a mighty outpouring of My Spirit upon many cities, and many shall be destroyed. My people must be diligently warned concerning the days that are ahead. Many shall turn after seducing spirits; many are already seducing My people. It is those who DO righteousness that are righteous. Many cover their sins by great theological words. But I warn you of seducing spirits who instruct My people in an evil way. Many of these I shall anoint, that they may purify and sift My people; for I would have a holy people.

Many shall come with seducing spirits and hold out lustful enticements. You will find that after I have visited My people again, the way shall become more and more narrow, and fewer shall walk there in. But be not deceived, the ways of righteousness are My ways. For though Satan come as an angel of light hearken not to him; for those who perform miracles and speak not righteousness are not of Me. I warn you with great intensity that I am going to judge My house and have a church without spot or wrinkle when I come. I desire to open your eyes and give you spiritual understanding, that you may not be deceived but may walk with uprightness of heart before Me, loving righteousness and hating every evil way. Look unto Me and I will make you to perceive with the eyes of the Spirit the things that lurk in darkness, that are not visible to the human eye. Let me lead you in this way that you may perceive the powers of darkness and battle against them. It is not a battle against flesh and blood; for if you battle in that way you accomplish nothing. But if you let Me take over and battle against the powers of darkness then they are defeated, and then liberation is brought to My people.

I warn you to search the Scriptures diligently these last days. For the things that are written shall indeed be made manifest. There shall come deceivers among My people in increasing numbers, who shall speak forth the truth and shall gain the favor of the people. For the people shall examine the Scriptures and say, “What these men say is true.” Then when they have gained the hearts of the people, then and THEN ONLY shall they bring out these wrong doctrines. Therefore, I say that you should not give your hearts to men, nor hold people’s persons in admiration. For by these very persons shall Satan enter into My people. WATCH FOR SEDUCERS. Do you think a seducer will brandish a new heresy and flaunt it before the people? He will speak the words of righteousness and truth, and will appear as a minister of light, declaring the Word. The people’s hearts shall be won. Then, when the hearts are won, they will bring out their doctrines, and the people shall be deceived. The people shall say, “Did he not speak thus and thus? And did we not examine it from the Word? Therefore he is a minister of righteousness.

This that he has now spoken we do not see in the Word, but it must be right, for the other things he spoke were true.”

Be not deceived. For the deceiver will first work to gain the hearts of many, and then shall bring forth his insidious doctrines. You cannot discern those who are of Me and those who are not of Me when they start to preach. But seek Me constantly, and then when these doctrines are brought out you shall have a witness in your heart that these are not of Me. Fear not, for I have warned you. Many will be deceived. But if you walk in holiness and uprightness before the Lord, your eyes shall be open and the Lord will protect you. If you will constantly look unto the Lord you will know when the doctrine changes, and will not be brought into it. If your heart is right I will keep you; and if you will look constantly to Me I will uphold you.

The minister of righteousness shall be on this wise — his life shall agree with the Word, and his lips shall give forth that which is wholly true, and it will be no mixture. When the mixture appears then you will know he is not a minister of righteousness. The deceivers speak first the truth and then error, to cover their own sins which they love. Therefore I exhort and command you to study the Scriptures relative to seducing spirits, for this is one of the great dangers of these last days.

I desire you to be firmly established in My Word and not in the personalities of men, that you will not be moved as so many shall be moved. I would keep you in the paths of righteousness. Take heed to yourselves and follow not the seducing spirits that are already manifesting themselves. Diligently inquire of Me when you hear something that you have not seen in the Word, and do not hold people’s persons in admiration, for it is by this very method that Satan will hold many of My people.

I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly, that you may triumph where I triumphed. On the cross I triumphed over all the power of Satan; and I have called you to walk in the same path. It is when your life is on the cross that you shall know the victory I have experienced. As you are on the cross, and seated in Me, then you shall know the power of the resurrection. When I come in My glory, the principalities and powers in the heavenly places shall be utterly broken. Fear not, for I have given you power whereby you may tread down the powers of darkness, and come forth victorious through every trial. As you are on the cross then you are victorious. It was on the cross that I triumphed over all the powers of the enemy. My life shall flow through you as you enter into these precious truths. Look unto Me, and appropriate My life. As your eyes and desires are toward Me, and you know what it is to be crucified with Me, then you shall live, and your anointing shall increase. It was not in My life that I walked upon the earth, but it was in My life when I was upon the cross that I openly spoiled principalities and powers.

I am showing you truths that shall cause you to overcome, to have power over the wicked one, truth that will liberate you and those round about you. You shall know also the fellowship of My sufferings. There is no other way whereby you may partake of this heavenly glory and reign with Me. “If we suffer with Him we shall reign with Him.” I desire to make those truths real within you. As you keep them before you, you will liberate many who are in bondage. You will have revelation of those who are in darkness and will have the keys to liberate the captives. Many seek to liberate, but they have not the keys. Upon the cross continually you will know the power of My resurrection that you may also partake of My glory. As you are willing to walk with Me and rejoice in your sufferings, you shall partake of My glory. Look unto Me for you have need of power to overcome the wicked one, and the bondages in other lives.

If you will indeed judge yourself you shall not be judged. As you seek My face and desire to be cleansed by Me in all truth and sincerity of heart I will judge you in the secret place, and the things that are in the secret place of your heart shall not be made manifest to others. I will do it in the secret place and no man shall know it. And the shame that shall be seen on many faces shall not be seen on your face. Therefore in love and mercy I am instructing you. And therefore I have said that if a man judge himself he shall not be judged. It is not My good pleasure that the shame of My people be seen by all. How can I judge the world if I judge not first My own house? Hearken unto these things I am telling you. If you will not hearken unto Me thy shame shall be evident to all.

I would have you consider My life on earth — the anointing upon Me was great and yet the temptations were great on every side; in one form and then in another, offering Me first the glory of the kingdoms of the earth and then reviling and persecuting Me. There will be great glory given to My people, and yet the temptations shall be intensified from every side. Think not that with the glory there shall be no temptations or persecutions. The glory of My church shall be great, and so shall be the temptations from the enemy to turn My people from My paths. I am warning you that when the glory shall be manifested, the temptations shall be great, until very few that start shall finish. First there shall be offered them great worldly possessions, and then great revilings and unbelief.

Consider your Lord, that as He walked so it shall be for you. There shall be need of great intensity of purpose. At times everyone shall rise up against you, simply to turn you from the course that I would put you in. It is written of Me that I set My face as a flint to go to the direction My Father had prescribed for Me. If you will finish the course the Lord has laid down for you, you will have to set your face as a flint. With great determination you must walk in the course laid down for you. Many of your loved ones and those who follow with you shall persuade you and try to turn you from the course. With many words that seem right in the natural will they speak to you. Did not Christ rebuke Peter who would turn Him from the course God had prescribed?

Understand these two things and meditate upon them solemnly — the persecution and the darkness shall be as great as the glory in order to try to turn the elect and the anointed ones from the path the Lord has laid down for them. Many shall start but few shall be able to finish because of the greatness of grace that shall be needed to be able to endure unto the end. The temptations and the persecution of your Lord was continuous. He was tempted by Satan in many forms throughout His entire life and even to the cross when the ungodly cried out, “If thou be the Christ come down from the cross.” Think not that there shall be a time of no persecution, for it shall be from the time of your anointing until the end. Difficulties, and great persecution to the end. The Lord must prepare you to be an overcomer in all things, that you may be able to finish the course. The persecution shall increase even as the anointing shall increase.

In paths of judgement and righteousness shall the Lord God lead His people and bring them into that place which He has chosen for them. For the Lord has chosen a place for His people, a place of righteousness and holiness where He shall encamp round about them. And all who will be led of the Lord shall be brought into this holy place. For the Lord delights to dwell in His people and to manifest Himself through His people. The holiness of the Lord shall be manifested through His people. Let the Lord lead you and He will lead you in difficult places. He led His people of old through a place where no man dwelt, where no man had passed through, in a place of great danger and in the shadow of death. The Lord will indeed again lead His people through such places, and yet He will bring them out into a place of great glory. Understand that the way toward the glory is fraught with great danger and many shall fall to the right or to the left, many shall camp on lesser ground. But the Lord has a place of holiness and no unclean thing shall dwell among His people.

Put your trust in Him and He will bring you into a place of holiness. He desires to bring His people into great glory — the like of which has never been seen for what the Lord will do for those who put their trust in Him. It is a place of darkness and great danger that separates His people into the place He would have them walk in. He will protect them from the voices that would turn them from His path. He will bring them through the dark places, and through the treacherous paths, out into the light of His glory. He will rejoice greatly over His beloved and cause you to be filled with joy unspeakable. He seeks to lead His people into a new place of grace and glory where He will indeed encamp among them. Put your trust in Him and He will surely bring you into this new place.

Fear not the days to come, but fear this only — that you shall walk in a manner pleasing to the Lord. In this time I am ordering and setting up My church and it shall indeed be pure, without spot or wrinkle. I will do work in My beloved that has not been seen since the foundation of the world. I have shown you these things that you may seek the Lord diligently with all your heart, and that you may be a preserver of His people.

Run not to this one nor to that one, for the Lord has so ordained that salvation is in Him and in Him alone. You shall not turn to this shepherd or to that one, for there shall be a great scattering upon the earth. Therefore look unto Him for He will indeed make these things clear to you. You shall not look here nor there, for the wells that once had water shall be no more. But as you diligently seek Him He shall increase your strength and your faith, that He may be able to prepare you for this time that is coming.

The truths that I have revealed to you must become a part of you — not just an experience, but a part of your very nature. Is it not written that I demand truth in the inward parts? It is the truth of the Lord expressed in your very being that shall hold you. Many shall experience the truth, but the truth must become a part of you, your very life. As men and women look upon you they will hear not only the voice but see the expression of the truth. Many shall be overcome because they are not constant in My ways, and because they have not permitted the truths to become part of them. I am showing you these things that you may be prepared, and having done all, to stand.

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Is It ‘Theological Malpractice’ for Ministers to Pray for Trump? | The Stream

One minister says it’s “a form of theological malpractice that borders on heresy,” but what could be wrong with praying for President Trump?

Source: Is It ‘Theological Malpractice’ for Ministers to Pray for Trump? | The Stream

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10 Reasons Barack Obama Was America’s Worst President — Charisma News

Source: 10 Reasons Barack Obama Was America’s Worst President — Charisma News

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Why Are Many Churches and Pastors Avoiding the ‘S’ Word? — Charisma Magazine

Source: Why Are Many Churches and Pastors Avoiding the ‘S’ Word? — Charisma Magazine

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The Key to the Deliverance of a Church in Captivity — Charisma News

Source: The Key to the Deliverance of a Church in Captivity — Charisma News

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The Flaming Herald

“Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8).

You can’t have faith without the truth of God’s Word holding final authority in your life. Faith is based on the truth and authority of the Scriptures. The end of your faith is when you begin doubting the Word of God and it stops carrying authority in your life. The end of your faith is when you no longer live by the Word of God. Multitudes of professing Christians in the church system today have departed from the real faith. Many no longer even believe the Scriptures are inspired of God.


A few years ago in another national poll on Christianity in the churches of America these telling statistics were revealed.

Studies showed that even though 79% of those who actually attend evangelical churches find their faith “very important”, only…

View original post 1,040 more words

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Netherlands Considers Euthanasia For Healthy People

The proposed ‘Completed Life Bill’ would allow any person over age 75 to receive euthanasia. Even if they are perfectly healthy.

Source: Netherlands Considers Euthanasia For Healthy People

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DEFINITION  pity for oneself; especially: a self-indulgent dwelling on one’s own sorrows or misfortunes  Websters online


crying towel An imaginary towel offered to the kind of person who chronically complains about ill fortune, minor defeats, or other adversities. The phrase can be used teasingly or judg-mentally, implying that one who needs a “crying towel” is unnecessarily wallowing in self-pity


cry on [someone’s] shoulder To reveal one’s problems to another person in order to get sympathy; to assail someone’s ear with one’s woes in an attempt to win pity or to get moral support.


Synonyms: abomination, acceptance, ache, atrocity, be sorry for, bleed, bleed for, chanty, clemency, clementness, commiserate, commiseration, compassion, compassionate, condole with, condolence, crime, dejection, desecration, disgrace, distress, easiness, easygoingness, feel, feel for, feel sorrow for, feel sorry for, forbearance, forbearing, gentleness, humaneness, humanity, ignominy, infamy, lament for, laxness, lenience, leniency, lenientness, lenity, melancholy, mercifulness, mercy, mildness, misfortune, moderateness, patience, profanation, rue, ruth, sacrilege, sadness, scandal, shame, sin, softness, sorrow, sympathize, sympathize with, sympathy, tenderness, terrible thing, tolerance, violation, weep for





*Most of your thoughts and words are about “I” “Me” “My”


*Spirit of replay will have you repeatedly tell your story of hurt in 3D to who ever will listen (sign of unforgiveness)


*A habit of saying or asking “Why me”? “Poor me” “Do you know what they did to me”?


*Feelings of injustice or unfairness


*May say “I always mess up” “I can never do anything right”


*A method of gaining attention can be learned as a child


* False martyrs draws attention by using hurts or disease to get sympathy (True martyr lays life down for right reasons in joy)


Self Pity is the super glue that keeps us in our past (Pastor Henry Wright).  It binds us to unforgiveness because we are continually rehearsing what happened to us.  You feel like you have a right to not forgive and are justified to feel sorry for yourself.


ROM 6:6


knowing this, that our 1old aself was 2crucified with Him, in order that our 3body of sin might be bdone away with, so that we would no longer be slaves to sin ;



that the body of sin might be destroyed:
by “the body of sin” is meant sin itself, which consists, as a body does, of various members; and also the power and strength of it, which the Jews F19 call (erh ruyd alyx) , “the power of the evil imagination”; this is crucified with Christ, and nailed to his cross by his sacrifice and satisfaction, that its damning power might be destroyed, abolished, and done away: and it is crucified by the Spirit and grace of Christ, that its governing power might be took away, and that itself be subdued, weakened, and laid under restraints, and its members and deeds mortified:

that henceforth we should not serve sin;
not that it should not be in us, for as yet, neither by virtue of the sacrifice of Christ, nor by the power of his grace, is sin as to its being removed from the people of God: but that we should not serve it, make provision for it, indulge it and obey it, in the lusts thereof.   JOHN GILL


1.      to be without a share in

2.      to miss the mark

3.      to err, be mistaken

4.      to miss or wander from the path of uprightness and honour, to do or go wrong

5.      to wander from the law of God, violate God’s law, sin


Definition of MIGHT

a: the power, authority, or resources wielded (as by an individual or group)

b (1): bodily strength (2): the power, energy, or intensity of which one is capable <striving with might and main>


Synonyms: energy, firepower, force, horsepower, power, muscle, potence, potency, puissance, sinew, strength, vigor

Antonyms: impotence, impotency, powerlessness, weakness




ROM 6:13

and do not go on 1presenting athe members of your body to sin as binstruments of unrighteousness ; but 2present yourselves to God as those alive from the dead, and your members as cinstruments of righteousness to God.


Neither yield ye your members
The apostle more fully explains what he means by obeying sin in the lusts thereof; a presenting, or making use of the “members, as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin”: by their “members” he means the several powers and faculties of the soul, and so the Ethiopic version renders it, “your souls”; or the several parts of the body, or both; by “yielding”, or presenting of them, is designed the employment of them in the service of sin,

as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin:
that is, as means of performing unrighteous actions, in obedience to sin, or the corruption of nature with its lusts: the word translated “instruments”, signifies “arms” or “weapons”: so the ancients F23 formerly reckoned weapons the members of soldiers; and here the apostle calls the members weapons, which he would not have the saints use in favour of sin, an enemy and a tyrant; for that would be unrighteous in itself, and injurious to God and themselves: says he,

but yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead:
that is, present themselves soul and body to God, give up and devote themselves to him, and to his service, and yield a cheerful obedience to him; considering themselves as under great obligation so to do, inasmuch as they are freed from condemnation and death, by the righteousness of Christ; and quickened, when dead in trespasses and sins, by his Spirit and grace; and therefore should yield

your members,
their whole selves,

as instruments,
or weapons

of righteousness unto God;
by fighting against sin, revenging all disobedience, and fulfilling obedience to the commands of God: the same is here meant, as is by putting on “the armour of light” ( Romans 13:12 ) , and wearing and making use of “the armour of righteousness, on the right hand and the left”, ( 2 Corinthians 6:7 ) .  JOHN GILL

SELF PITY can be an addiction, it is like a drug!  What poison is to food, self pity is to life.  It is one of the highest manifestations of “pride”  (Doesn’t want to listen, interrupts, talks incessantly you may wonder how they breathe). It works well with depression, and a person walking in it will have extreme manipulation tendencies.  When you do not yield to it prepare for “anger” and when you do not cater to it you may end up on the persons hit list of retaliation (armor of bitterness).


This spirit is fear based.  In an adult pity becomes a burden to the carrier and to the poor people who have to live with them.  Self pity produces a pitiful life, it paralyzes your thoughts and feelings, and will try to punish others (It wants to destroy and control the people around it). Self pity wants to always blame others or the person themselves.


Very little changes will happen in a life that remains captive to Self pity.  The person that succumbs to this may not be an overcomer.


REV 2:7 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.









  1. to conquer
    1. to carry off the victory, come off victorious
      1. of Christ, victorious over all His foes
      2. of Christians, that hold fast their faith even unto death against the power of their foes, and temptations and persecutions
      3. when one is arraigned or goes to law, to win the case, maintain one’s cause


  1. life
    1. the state of one who is possessed of vitality or is animate
    2. every living soul
  2. life
    1. of the absolute fulness of life, both essential and ethical, which belongs to God, and through him both to the hypostatic “logos” and to Christ in whom the “logos” put on human nature
    2. life real and genuine, a life active and vigorous, devoted to God, blessed, in the portion even in this world of those who put their trust in Christ, but after the resurrection to be consummated by new accessions (among them a more perfect body), and to last for ever



1 Sam 15:23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft,a and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.


Gen 3:11-12 Adam did not cover his wife. Adam blamed his wife and did not take responsibility.  This is an ingredient in self pity.


We must take responsibility in our lives and fight the good fight against the kingdom of Eph 6.  The length and quality of our life here depends on this, as well as our assignments for eternity.




2COR10:5 Take thoughts captive (No one can do this for you)


1THESS 5:16 & 18 vs. 16 Rejoice   vs. 18 Give thanks

Rev 12:11

11And they over came him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.  We are blessed in our moment of time.  We do not have to die martyrs. We need  only our flesh to die.  When we get rid of the pain, and regrets, we are on the road to maturity and boy do we have a testimony!  Amen?


COL1:22-29  23 “If” ye continue in the faith grounded and settled

In the doctrine of faith which they had received and embraced; and in the grace of faith, and the exercise of it which was implanted in them; and in the profession of faith which they had made: not that the virtue and efficacy of Christ’s blood, sufferings, and death, and reconciliation of their persons to God thereby, depended upon their faith, and abiding in it; but that faith and continuance in it were necessary means of their presentation in unblemished holiness and righteousness; for if they had not faith, or did not abide in it or if the good work of grace was not wrought upon their souls, and that performed until the day of Christ, they could not be presented holy and blameless: this shows the necessity of the saints’ final perseverance in faith and holiness, and is mentioned with this view, to put them upon a concern about it, and to make use of all means, under divine grace, to enjoy it; and nothing could more strongly incline and move unto it, than the blessed effect of Christ’s death, reconciliation and the end of it, to present the reconciled ones blameless; in order to which it is necessary they should hold on and out to the end: JOHN GILL


LUKE 10:27  27And he answering said , Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.


Real agape love is not self focused, it is focused on others.  It does not walk around talking about oneself all the time. (Tame your tongue LESSON 10   J   )

In a book by Cindy Jacobs on warfare she had a list regarding some of the rights we must give up in order to tear down strongholds; 1st to conquer in the spiritual battle “SELF”










Some diseases that may have a root in self-pity (Not all inclusive)





FOR MORE ROOTS GO TO  7000 club or submit a diagnosis to us for research for any possible roots.



Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ I choose to confess, repent, renounce and forsake participation with _______  (identify EG Self Pity) I ask for forgiveness and renounce all curses associated with the spirits assigned to me and that the curse be broken in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


I recognize and take responsibility in the generations of my family on both sides going back to Adam and Eve for our participation with all spirits of   (identify)

I release myself from any guilt, shame, condemnation and any curses due to   ______ (identify)


*Lord Jesus, I shatter, cut off and dissolve the power of the spirits of_(SELF PITY MINISTRY LIST BELOW)______  (*Name them all  ) in my life.



In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I cancel all of Satan’s power and authority over me because of ______ (identify) In Jesus’ mighty name I cast you out and command you to go quietly now.


In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command all tormentors and principalities of bitterness, self bitterness, jealousy and envy, rejection, fear, doubt/unbelief, occult, and any other spirits that have been assigned to me because of  _______ (identify) to leave me now, without causing any damage, and go to the dry place.


Father God thank you for the Holy Spirit. Thank you for healing my heart, my soul (mind, will, emotions), and body, Please reveal your loving words of truth to me.


TWOLI   Pastor Dr. Gail Blair  Psalm 25  Type in  lesson list (search area)










: to make a victim of


: to subject to deception or fraud : cheat


victim as a living being offered as a living sacrifice; an individual injured or killed by disease or accident, a person cheated, fooled or injured (a victim of circumstances or “accident prone”). Webster’s Dictionary






beat, bilk, bleed, cheat, chisel, chouse, con, cozen, defraud, diddle, do, do in, euchre, fiddle, flimflam, gaff, gyp, hose [slang], hustle, mulct, nobble [British slang], pluck, ream, rip off, rook, screw, shake down, short, shortchange, skin, skunk, squeeze, stick, stiff, sting, sucker, swindle, thimblerig, fleece



OVERCOMING THE VICTIM SPIRIT by Arthur Burk, Plumbline Ministries

What is the “Victim Spirit”? It can refer to one of two things: (1) a mindset that people develop that can invite victimization from others, or (2) an actual demon attracted to people to cause identifiable and undesirable consequences. In reality, the two are intertwined. The victim spirit of an individual begins in the mindset, opening the doorway to demon oppression.

In what ways does the victim spirit pervade your life? Here are some worse case scenarios:

  • Boundaries — your personal boundaries (if you have any) are consistently violated by others, as if they treat you in contempt
  • Abuse — you’re easily trapped by people who want to physically, sexually, emotionally, spiritually, or financially abuse you, and you excuse their behavior as inevitable because that’s what you deserve
  • Dishonor — people who are normally gracious with others are drawn into taking cheap shots at you to your face
  • Deception — you accept abuse from others because you’re used to it and don’t see that there’s another way to live
  • Ministry — you don’t feel worthy of being able to share what you’ve learned about God
  • Values — you easily absorb the values of the secular world around you
  • Joy — you have none, nor any hope of having any, you’re numb to the world around you (BITTERNESS STEALS YOUR JOY  )
  • Potential — as far as you’re concerned you have no potential, only the people around you are worth anything, even if they’re perpetrators of abuse
  • Curses and Blessing — you’re cursed from birth by the family you’re born into, your sex, your appearance, your personality; everything about you is cursed and you feel you have no future

In what ways does the victim spirit manifest itself? Here are a few examples:

  • Destruction — unconscious self-destruction and being accident-prone
  • Injustice — consistently finding yourself in situations where the rules are being violated at your expense and there’s nothing you can do about it
  • Malpractice — always picking the doctor that’s the most incompetent
  • Devouring — constantly having people take advantage of you financially, not being able to get a grip on your finances, having constant emergencies that drain your bank account or put you in debt
  • Defilement — being a target for sexual advances or innuendo no matter how modestly you act or dress (THE VICTIM SPIRIT IS LIKE A BIG MEGAPHONE CALLING THESE PEOPLE AROUND YOU!!)
  • Abuse — habitual attraction to the “wrong” kind of relationships

How does walking in God’s Dominion Mandate change your life?

  • Boundaries — predators pull back from you and everyone around you, people are safer when they’re around you
  • Respect vs. Abuse — others protect and nurture you because you’re worth it and you know it
  • Honor vs. Dishonor — honor naturally flows toward you in formal and informal ways
  • Reality vs. Deception — you recognize that God, your Father, loves you for who you are and blesses you with gifts throughout the day
  • Ministry — you deeply desire greater power and anointing to make a difference in the lives of those around you
  • Values — you embrace God’s values and not the world’s, and because of this, you have the power to change the entire culture
  • Joy — your anointing is so infectious that it infects the land, the surroundings, and the people you’re around; joy remains after you’re gone
  • Potential — you seek God to find out from Him His design of your nature and His call on your life
  • Curses and Blessing — there is life-giving virtue in your words
  • Thanks to Plumbline Ministries for this information!!!

A victim spirit rarely operates alone, it’s job is to attract other demon spirits. Self pity and victimization work well together.  Self pity says you are entitled that you are a victim.


A person trapped in this bondage will see no way out and eventually can give up and settle for a much less blessed life than what God has for them.  They do not receive compliments or affirmation because they feel they are unworthy.


Trapped they may turn to alcohol and drugs.  They will attempt to smother their hurts away.   Another way would be to become a workaholic or perfectionism. (Addiction spirit joins in * food * drugs * alcohol *work)


They criticize and dishonor themselves with unfriendly inner self talk.  When someone around you is unhappy you own their negativity, and apologize even though it is not your fault you assume blame (False burden bearing) Others may try to suppress the emotional pain with endless work and busyness.  People may offer nurturing but it will not be accepted because the victimized person feels unworthy of love and attention.


Negative thinking and confusion are two of the fruits of Victimization.  The Victim will tend to assume the worse therefore they actually project more of the same into their future with stinkin thinkin.



Torment can come from victimization.  This happens from continual replay of trauma incidents over and over. (We must go back to lesson 2 Bitterness and Unforgiveness Remember unforgiveness keeps a record of wrongs.)


This spirit likes to orchestrate a trauma event in children (sexual abuse) to get an early start.

The child may receive special treatment in the daylight hours to justify violation in the night or when alone with the violator.


National statistics say 33% females molested before age 18

25% of males molested by age 18.  Statistics say every granddaughter of a molested woman will be molested!!  This spirit must be dealt with!  This happens because these spirits travel in the generations (Victim Predator Familiar spirits as an example)


This spirit quenches our belief in God’s Promises and steals our identity in Christ. It will have a person constantly focusing on climbing out of the mud pit.  It will have one believe that her husband had a bad day at work…This is why he beats and abuses. Making the wrongs seem right.


It will have a woman think that she is submitting and this is her bed, she made it, so now she must lie in it.  Pastor Henry at Be in Health teaches we are not to submit to sin out of love. Abuse is sin. Whether it be physical, verbal, or even financial,


We must take responsibility to be set free of a victim spirit. When we deal with the unloving, rejection, and victim spirits, we then must take our thoughts captive as we walk out of the influence these spirits have had on us and in our generations.


We must become beacons of light and life givers, instead of operating in the draining spirit of victimization.


We must stop living to enable the predator; stop thinking that if you enable them better you will have less pain.


We are not to agree with the enemy and say that all males in bloodline die by 6o yrs old, or that cancer runs in the family tree.  Instead we say I shall not die but live!!  We speak against these lies of the enemy and cancel these curses in Jesus mighty name.







We must go forward and form boundaries, borders, and backbone!  The temporary pain of changing one’s life for the better is well worth the battle, especially since future generations are involved!














Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ I choose to confess, repent, renounce and forsake participation with _______ (identify EG Victimization) I ask for forgiveness and renounce all curses associated with the spirits assigned to me and that the curse be broken in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


I recognize and take responsibility in the generations of my family on both sides going back to Adam and Eve for our participation with all spirits of  (identify)

I release myself from any guilt, shame, condemnation and any curses due to   ______ (identify)


*Lord Jesus, I shatter, cut off and dissolve the power of the spirits of_______  (*Name them all VICTIM SPIRIT LIST BELOW  ) in my life.



In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I cancel all of Satan’s power and authority over me because of ______ (identify) In Jesus’ mighty name I cast you out and command you to go quietly now.


In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command all tormentors and principalities of bitterness, self bitterness, jealousy and envy, rejection, fear, doubt/unbelief, occult, and any other spirits that have been assigned to me because of _______ (identify) to leave me now, without causing any damage, and go to the dry place.


Father God thank you for the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit thank you for healing my heart, my soul (mind, will, emotions), and body, please refill me and reveal your loving words of truth to me.   Dr. Gail Blair   TYPE IN     LESSON LIST (SEARCH AREA)







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