Verse 2 Causless curse does not alight  JOHN GILL EXPOSITION OF VERSE 2

As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying
As a bird, particularly the sparrow, as the word F8 is sometimes rendered, leaves its nest and wanders from it; and flies here and there, and settles nowhere; and as the swallow flies to the place from whence it came; or the wild pigeon, as some F9 think is meant, which flies away very swiftly: the swallow has its name in Hebrew from liberty, because it flies about boldly and freely, and makes its nest in houses, to which it goes and comes without fear; so the curse causeless shall not come;
the mouths of fools or wicked men are full of cursing and bitterness, and especially such who are advanced above others, and are set in high places; who think they have a right to swear at and curse those below them, and by this means to support their authority and power; but what signify their curses which are without a cause? they are vain and fruitless, like Shimei‘s cursing David; they fly away, as the above birds are said to do, and fly over the heads of those on whom they are designed to light; yea, return and fall upon the heads of those that curse, as the swallow goes to the place from whence it came; it being a bird of passage, ( Jeremiah 8:7 ) ; in the winter it flies away and betakes itself to some islands on rocks called from thence “chelidonian” F11. According to the “Keri”, or marginal reading, for here is a double reading, it may be rendered, “so the curse causeless shall come to him” F12; that gives it without any reason. The Septuagint takes in both,

“so a vain curse shall not come upon any;”

what are all the anathemas of the church of Rome? who can curse whom God has not cursed? yea, such shall be cursed themselves; see ( Psalms 109:17 ) .



 Strong’s Number:   3684   
Original Word Word Origin
lyok from (03688)
Transliterated Word TDNT Entry
K@ciyl TWOT – 1011c
Phonetic Spelling Parts of Speech
kes-eel’  Noun Masculine
  1. fool, stupid fellow, dullard, simpleton, arrogant one
  NAS Word Usage – Total: 70fool 35, fool’s 2, foolish 6, foolish man’s 1, fools 23, stupid 1, stupid man 1, stupid ones 1

PROVERBS 26:11  Like a dog that returns to its vomit Is a fool who repeats ghis folly.


As a dog returneth to his vomit
Who being sick with what he has eaten, casts it up again, and afterwards returns unto it and licks it up; [so] a fool returneth to his folly,
or “repeats” F1 it, time after time, many times, as Ben Melech; or a wicked man turns to his wickedness, who, having had some qualms upon his conscience for sin, for a while forsakes it; but that fit being over, and he forgetting all his former horror and uneasiness, returns to his old course of life: a wicked man is here compared to a dog, as he is elsewhere for his impudence and voraciousness in sinning; and the filthiness of sin is expressed by the vomit of a dog, than which nothing is more nauseous and loathsome; and the apostasy of the sinner, from an external course of righteousness into open profaneness is signified by the return of this creature to it. This is said to be a “true proverb”, ( 2 Peter 2:22 ) , where it is quoted and applied.


Proverbs 26:14  JOHN GILL   ON SLOTHFULNESS   

[As] the door turneth upon his hinges
And moves this way and that way, and opens and shuts, and yet hangs where it did, is not moved from its place: so [doth] the slothful upon his bed;
he turns himself from side to side, but is still on his bed, and does not move out of it, and go about his business. Aben Ezra makes mention of another reading and sense, “the door turneth upon his hinges”, and is opened to let men out, one and another, to his work; “but [yet] the slothful man [is] upon his bed”; though one and another rise and go about business, and he hears the door open again and again, he stirs not, but keeps his, bed. So profane sinners lie on the bed of sinful lusts and sensual pleasures, indulge themselves in chambering and wantonness, and do not care to rise from hence, and walk honestly as in the daytime; and though their consciences are sometimes jogged by inward pricks, and they are moved a little by the reproofs of their friends, or awakened by the judgments of God; yet these are quickly over, and they give themselves a turn and go to sleep again: sometimes there are some motions in them, some thoughts and resolutions of amendment, some purposes to do good works; but, alas! their slothfulness is so great, and the habits and customs of sin so strong, that they cannot break through them, shake off their sloth, and come out, but remain as they were: and so it is with carnal professors, resting in their own works, and in a round of duties; and after ten, twenty, thirty years’ profession, or more, they are just where they were; have no spiritual knowledge, judgment, and experience.



When he speaketh fair, believe him not
Gives good words, flatters with his lips, pretends great kindness and favour, expresses himself in a very gracious and amiable manner, in order to gain attention and respect; or when he delivers himself in a submissive and suppliant way, with great humility and deference; or in a mournful and pitiful strain, as if he had the most tender affection and concern; be not too credulous; do not suffer yourselves to be imposed upon by him; be upon your guard, distrust him, suspect a snake in the grass; for [there are] seven abominations in his heart;
a multitude of wicked purposes, schemes, and designs, which he has formed there against you, and which he only waits a proper time to put in execution; things abominable to God and men. Aben Ezra thinks reference is had to the seven abominations in ( Proverbs 6:16 ) .


These are the points that jumped out at me today   Have a blessed day !!!  Gail

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