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The spirit of destruction lies in wait for the release of a final blow. For many years the plans have been nursed and woven.
Society, morality, and education have fallen to record low levels.
The Church has been silent regarding abortion and the blood of these unborn children cries out to the Lord just as Abel’s did (Gen 4:10).
God has been removed time and again from the schools and public property with barely a whimper of protest! God’s hedge of protection is breached (Isaiah 5:5-7) and does anyone notice?
On the corner of Eugenics lane and Idol blvd live Mr. & Mrs. Agnostic, John Smith and his partner Paul live on the next cross street called Sodom. Mr. and Mrs. Apostasy live a few blocks away closer to Grace Church. All of them are living their self righteous, lives grounded in a corrupted belief system. Will anyone share salvation with them? Who will show them the path of sanctification through grace?
The congregation at Grace Church is very large. They preach a warm and fuzzy grace ill sufficient message weekly and have reduced communion to a ritual. Many members never open their bibles and they pray about 3 minutes a day.
Repentance (Rom 2:4), confession and forgiveness (Matt 6:14) are hardly if ever mentioned. The people in this Church and many other Churches have the same diseases as the UN-churched and when they receive prayer only 5% are healed.
Does some of this sound familiar? Is the Church strong? Are we seeing signs and wonders? God’s word is true He has kept His side of the covenant (Psalm 105:8), this can only mean the slack is on mans end.
(1Cor 11:30) Not Discerning the Body is the reason many are weak, sick, and sleep. (Strongs #2749) Sleep is defined as death or held in subjection to the devil!
Are you harboring suppressed anger, hatred, resentment, shame, guilt, bitterness, regret or sorrows? Pain in a memory indicates that you are. You can be set free and walk in obedience (Lev26 deut28 Exodus15:26) by simply repenting and forgiving.
Remember then from what heights you have fallen. Repent change the inner man to meet God’s will and do the works you did when you first knew the Lord. (Rev 2:5)
Let us examine ourselves, and get right with the Word. We are at a moment in time where we must rebuild the walls of separation as Nehemiah did. Our quest is a spiritual one in our individual souls and in the soul of our nation.
(Ezekiel 22:30) “I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before ME for the land, so that I would not destroy it, but I found no one.”
We must get on our faces now and repent and ask forgiveness for the sin in our lives and our nation.
(2 Chronicles 7:14) IF my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and heal their land.
Return to Yahweh, cry out for our nation, and stand on the morals, values, and culture of God’s Word. Return to the Lord and he will reestablish our hedge of protection!
Submitted 1/14/12  Xulon Press  Writers
A financial collapse in Sept 2015???   Jonathan Cahn
 EPH 4:13  Wesley commentary   Till we all – And every one of us. Come to the unity of the faith, and knowledge of the Son of God – To both an exact agreement in the Christian doctrine, and an experimental knowledge of Christ as the Son of God. To a perfect man – To a state of spiritual manhood both in understanding and strength.To the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ – To that maturity of age and spiritual stature wherein we shall be filled with Christ, so that he will be all in all.

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  1. nuggets4u says:

    Dear person in reply

    Your reply is out of touch with reality and is not going to be posted. What happened is your sin was found out. According to your phone call to your family you said I hope this does not get ugly. No repentance to God or others. No admitting of sin and also refusing counseling. You cannot expect your Godly wife to sit by and get a disease and receive the thousands of evil spirits carried by a husband who merges his soul with sex out of marriage. Every time one has sex out of marriage or mastubates it creates a bond and every evil thing and curses in their generations is now in you and whoever you carry it to. (This can mean thousands of spirits)

    You know there was 24 years of physical abuse. Let God be judge between you and her. Repent…we all must repent…no one is without sin…Intimidation is against the law of God and man….Even something as small as pulling the chord on the phone and having the phone snap back and hit your wife is wrong! Sir you serve either the God of the bible or satan. A salvation prayer without change…without fruit is deception…many who think a one time prayer and no fruit of obedience will get them to heaven is living in deception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How Satan Gains Access to Work in our Lives Part 10: Violence and Mistreatment

    In this issue we will examine how the mistreatment of another person whom God has created provides a foothold for Satan in the offender’s life. Acts falling under this broad umbrella of abuse include overt physical violence, such as assault, battery, destruction, captivity, and theft, as well as hostile mental and verbal acts, such as slander, cursing, strife, conspiracy, and all forms of deception, oppression, and injustice (e.g., Ps. 10:7-10; 36:3-4; 64:2-6; Ezek. 22:29; Micah 6:10-12). Violence has its origin in Satan (Ezek. 28:16). Therefore, anyone who exhibits violence towards another person gives evidence that Satan has already gained a foothold in his life (Mat. 8:28 is an extreme case). The manner in which this foothold is established is not unique but applicable to a broad range of other spiritual bondages as well. Generationally, Satan gained the right to take dominion over mankind (Rom. 6:16; 7:14; Col. 1:13) at the Fall. As a result of this victory he was able to establish what has come to be known as the “flesh” in the very heart of man (Jer. 17:9; Mat. 15:19). This part of our being carries corrupted desires for selfgratification that lead us away from God and into Satan’s cleverly laid snares (Rom. 7:5, 18; 8:7-8; Eph. 2:3; James 1:14-15; 1 Peter 2:11). Because Satan could not take away man’s free will, however, we still have the ability to choose whether or not to follow the ungodly desires of the Satan-tuned flesh stirring within us (Gal. 5:16). Scripture reflects the internal struggles between good and evil that mankind has wrestled with since our earliest ancestors. Within the context of what is ultimately a competitive battle between God and Satan for the hearts of mankind, God made His will known through the Law, which contained a host of detailed commandments prohibiting the plotting and executing of violence against the innocent (Ex. 22:21-22; 23:12; Lev. 19:11, 13-14, 16, 33, 35; 25.14; Jer. 22:3; Ezek. 45:9-10ff). He also clearly warned that those who did not obey His commands would be cursed (Deut. 27:17-19, 24-26; Zech. 5:3-4). In the New Testament Jesus simplified the Old Testament legal code with the command to love your neighbor as yourself (Gal. 5:14). Love does no wrong to one’s neighbor and thereby fulfills all the Old Testament commandments (Rom. 13:10). Jesus also took all curses upon Himself at the Cross (Gal. 3:13), providing the means for them to be removed from everyone who is willing to apply His shed blood to the specific sins, generational or personal, that have brought curses into their lives. Those who do not avail themselves of this opportunity, however, will continue to live under the curses they have reaped through their mistreatment of others. After His resurrection Jesus made another major change in the dynamics of man’s struggle against evil when He sent the Holy Spirit to indwell every believer (Rom. 8:9; 2 Cor. 1:22; James 4:5). This divine

    Restoration in Christ Ministries, PO Box 479, Grottoes, VA 24441-0479 :: 540-249-9119 :: ::
    – Page 2 – Diane W. Hawkins, M.A.

    infusion (1 Cor. 6:17) serves as a powerful counterbalance to the internal drive of the flesh (Rom. 8:13; Gal. 5:16-17). Even so, man can still choose to become a friend of the world and a companion of sinners (Gal. 6:8; James 4:4). Anyone who does so, however, puts himself on a dangerous path to becoming complicit with their ways (Ps. 1:1). As soon as he crosses the line to personal participation in plots or acts that disparage or disregard the rights of another person, that is when, I believe, God’s curse comes against him. While most of the curses mentioned in Scripture come from God rather than Satan (Micah 2:1-5; 6:10-16; etc.), God may use demons or demonized people to carry out those curses (Judges 9:23). Thus, He seemingly not only allows a spiritual door to be opened in the person’s life that will allow for demonic attachment, but He actually sends demons on assignment to enter that door and bring about a specific result in the person’s life. When repentance does not occur and the person continues to involve himself with further acts of violence and injustice, the foothold that has been established can grow, potentially developing into a stronghold involving multiple demons and higher-level cosmic beings as well. Such a situation can only be reversed by God in accordance with the will of the person (Luke 11:21-22).


    Psalm 109 But he clothed himself with cursing as with his garment, And it entered into his body like water And like oil into his bones. 19 Let it be to him as a garment with which he covers himself, And for a belt with which he constantly girds himself. 20 Let this be the reward of my accusers from the LORD , And of those who speak evil against my soul.

    Curses see deliverance from spirit of lust here Repentance true repentance and removing ungodly soul ties is a good start to removing this.

    Also your family hung in for many many years tolerating much “physical” and emotional abuse. It was the adultery that was the final straw.

    Until you repent the enemy will have a open door to your soul (mind will emotions). I pray that you find true salvation…a prayer doesn’t save…there must be fruit in a persons life..a hunger for God;s word What is salvation in 2 minutes Repeated persistent sin does Grace cover sin? Rick Renner explains fornication and adultery the destruction from it writen about in the Bible

    1Cor 6:8 On the contrary, you yourselves wrong and defraud. You do this even to your brethren.
    9Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God ? Do not be deceived ; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor aeffeminate, nor homosexuals,
    10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.
    11 Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

    Repentance is needed !! Repentance means turning away from the sin not going back to the sin Ravenhill Has God spoke to you today?

    Adultery (in Deuteronomy 24:1, affirmed by Jesus in Matthew 19) Emotional and physical neglect (in Exodus 21:10-11, affirmed by Paul in 1 Corinthians 7) Abandonment and abuse (included in neglect, as affirmed in 1 Corinthians 7) Jewish couples listed these biblical grounds for divorce in their marriage vows. We reiterate them as love, honor, and keep and be faithful to each other. When these vows were broken, it threatened to break up the marriage. As in any broken contract 10/14/14 How to spot a lie 11/5/14 TD Jakes on marriage 04/23/15 This includes forgiveness of ourselves others and God Recognizing our sin done to others and admitting the truth and reality that eye witnesses see or saw. Please remember we are on reality tv…. every thought word and deed and intention of heart is recorded for judgement we fool none but ourselves.

    Sir..God knew and your family found the phone records for your private what you thought was secret tel number used in adultery

    Here in this reply are many links to help you and others Is your life you live now worth Christ dying for?–The-Wicked-Ruler-by-John-Eckhardt Portrait of a fool

    Spirits transfer!!!

    Ungodly soul ties!! See link below

    Self pity is a spirit manifesting in you that will keep u in bondage see this link

    Remember the bible says death and life are in the power of your words… Speak wounded negative words that is what you will receive. Speak blessings..get out of sin and into obedience..and get blessings. Carnality,whoredom, answering to lust of flesh and lust of eyes brings death to the body and provision. Spirits transfer How to be miserable 5/2/2015 Spotting a abuser who claims to be a victim 10/2014

    Repentance is restitution. Repaying debts you know that you owe. Otherwise it is not true repentance. A unpaid furniture bill or intentional withholding something that another person worked for…falsely dividing property is an example. Repay what you are able to repay. Someone trapped in this needs to find a deliverance minister!!

    Christ or Judgment
    Hebrews 10:26 For if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins,
    27 but a terrifying expectation of judgment and THE FURY OF A FIRE WHICH WILL CONSUME THE ADVERSARIES.
    28Anyone who has set aside the Law of Moses dies without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses.
    29How much severer punishment do you think he will deserve who has trampled under foot the Son of God, and has regarded as unclean the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified, and has insulted the Spirit of grace?
    30 For we know Him who said, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY.” And again, “THE LORD WILL JUDGE HIS PEOPLE.”
    31 It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

    Proverbs 1 Matthew Henry commentary
    curse of the law of God and from the dominion of the law of sin. [1.] Christ called to them, to warn them of their danger; he stretched out his hand to offer them mercy, nay, to help them out of their miserable condition, stretched out his hand for them to take hold of, but they refused and no man regarded; some were careless and never heeded it, nor took notice of what was said to them; others were wilful, and, though they could not avoid hearing the will of Christ, yet they gave him a flat denial, they refused, v. 24. They were in love with their folly, and would not be made wise. They were obstinate to all the methods that were taken to reclaim them. God stretched out his hand in mercies bestowed upon them, and, when those would not work upon them, in corrections, but all were in vain; they regarded the operations of his hand no more than the declarations of his mouth. [2.] Christ reproved and counselled them, not only reproved them for what they did amiss, but counselled them to do better (those are reproofs of instruction and evidences of love and good-will), but they set at nought all his counsel as not worth heeding, and would none of his reproof, as if it were below them to be reproved by him and as if they had never done any thing that deserved reproof, v. 25. This is repeated (v. 30): “They would none of my counsel, but rejected it with disdain; they called reproofs reproaches, and took them as an insult (Jer. 6:10 ); nay, they despised all my reproof, as if it were all a jest, and not worth taking notice of.’’ Note, Those are marked for ruin that are deaf to reproof and good counsel. [3.] They were exhorted to submit to the government of right reason and religion, but they rebelled against both. First, Reason should not rule them, for they hated knowledge (v. 29), hated the light of divine truth because it discovered to them the evil of their deeds, Jn. 3:20 . They hated to be told that which they could not bear to know. Secondly, Religion could not rule them, for they did not choose the fear of the Lord, but chose to walk in the way of their heart and in the sight of their eyes. They were pressed to set God always before them, but they chose rather to cast him and his fear behind their backs. Note, Those who do not choose the fear of the Lord show that they have no knowledge. (2.) The sentence is pronounced, and it is certainly ruining. Those that will not submit to God’s government will certainly perish under his wrath and curse, and the gospel itself will not relieve them. They would not take the benefit of God’s mercy when it was offered them, and therefore justly fall as victims to his justice, ch. 29:1 . The threatenings here will have their full accomplishment in the judgment of the great day and the eternal misery of the impenitent, of which yet there are some earnests in present judgments. [1.] Now sinners are in prosperity and secure; they live at ease, and set sorrow at defiance. But, First, Their calamity will come (v. 26); sickness will come, and those diseases which they shall apprehend to be the very arrests and harbingers of death; other troubles will come, in mind, in estate, which will convince them of their folly in setting God at a distance. Secondly, Their calamity will put them into a great fright. Fear seizes them, and they apprehend that bad will be worse. When public judgments are abroad the sinners in Zion are afraid, fearfulness surprises the hypocrites. Death is the king of terrors to them (Job. 15:21 , etc.; Job. 18:11, etc.); this fear will be their continual torment. Thirdly, According to their fright will it be to them. Their fear shall come (the thing they were afraid of shall befal them); it shall come as desolation, as a mighty deluge bearing down all before it; it shall be their destruction, their total and final destruction; and it shall come as a whirlwind, which suddenly and forcibly drives away all the chaff. Note, Those that will not admit the fear of God lay themselves open to all other fears, and their fears will not prove causeless. Fourthly, Their fright will then be turned into despair: Distress and anguish shall come upon them, for, having fallen into the pit they were afraid of, they shall see no way to escape, v. 27. Saul cries out (2 Sa. 1:9 ), Anguish has come upon me; and in hell there is weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth for anguish, tribulation and anguish to the soul of the sinner, the fruit of the indignation and wrath of the righteous God, Rom. 2:8, Rom. 2:9 . [2.] Now God pities their folly, but he will then laugh at their calamity (v. 26): “I also will laugh at your distress, even as you laughed at my counsel.’’ Those that ridicule religion will thereby but make themselves ridiculous before all the world. The righteous will laugh at them (Ps. 52:6 ), for God himself will. It intimates that they shall be for ever shut out of God’s compassions; they have so long sinned against mercy that they have now quite sinned it away. His eye shall not spare, neither will he have pity. Nay, his justice being glorified in their ruin, he will be pleased with it, though now he would rather they should turn and live. Ah! I will ease me of my adversaries. [3.] Now God is ready to hear their prayers and to meet them with mercy, if they would but seek to him for it; but then the door will be shut, and they shall cry in vain (v. 28): “Then shall they call upon me when it is too late, Lord, Lord, open to us. They would then gladly be beholden to that mercy which now they reject and make light of; but I will not answer, because, when I called, they would not answer;’’ all the answer then will be, Depart from me, I know you not. This has been the case of some even in this life, as of Saul, whom God answered not by Urim or prophets; but, ordinarily, while there is life there is room for prayer and hope of speeding, and therefore this must refer to the inexorable justice of the last judgment. Then those that slighted God will seek him early (that is, earnestly), but in vain; they shall not find him, because they sought him not when he might be found, Isa. 55:6 . The rich man in hell begged, but was denied. [4.] Now they are eager upon their own way, and fond of their own devices; but then they will have enough of them (v. 31), according to the proverb, Let men drink as they brew; they shall eat the fruit of their own way; their wages shall be according to their work, and, as was their choice, so shall their doom be, Gal. 6:7, Gal. 6:8 . Note, First, There is a natural tendency in sin to destruction, Jam. 1:15 . Sinners are certainly miserable if they do but eat the fruit of their own way. Secondly, Those that perish must thank themselves, and can lay no blame upon any other. It is their own device; let them make their boast of it. God chooses their delusions, Isa. 66:4 . [5.] Now they value themselves upon their worldly prosperity; but then that shall help to aggravate their ruin, v. 32. First, They are now proud that they can turn away from God and get clear of the restraints of religion; but that very thing shall slay them, the remembrance of it shall cut them to the heart. Secondly, They are now proud of their own security and sensuality; but the ease of the simple (so the margin reads it) shall slay them; the more secure they are the more certain and the more dreadful will their destruction be, and the prosperity of fools shall help to destroy them, by puffing them up with pride, gluing their hearts to the world, furnishing them with fuel for their lusts, and hardening their hearts in their evil ways.4. He concludes with an assurance of safety and happiness to all those that submit to the instructions of wisdom (v. 33): “Whoso hearkeneth unto me, and will be ruled by me, he shall,’’ (1.) “Be safe; he shall dwell under the special protection of Heaven, so that nothing shall do him any real hurt.’’ (2.) “He shall be easy, and have no disquieting apprehensions of danger; he shall not only be safe from evil, but quiet from the fear of it.’’ Though the earth be removed, yet shall not they fear. Would we be safe from evil, and quiet from the fear of it? Let religion always rule us and the word of God be our counsellor. That is the way to dwell safely in this world, and to be quiet from the fear of evil in the other world

    3/12/2015 One thing missing from this is that angry/abusive men need deliverance. For others reading this see Porn articles on this blog and also defilement on the search area of this blog.

    Violent and disobedient has not a good end

    Psalm 140 Verses 8-13 Here is the believing foresight David had,I. Of the shame and confusion of persecutors.1. Their disappointment. This he prays for (v. 8), that their lusts might not be gratified, their lust of ambition, envy, and revenge: “Grant not, O Lord! the desires of the wicked, but frustrate them; let them not see the ruin of my interest, which they so earnestly wish to see; but hear the voice of my supplications.’’ He prays that their projects might not take effect, but be blasted: “O further not his wicked device; let not Providence favour any of his designs, but cross them; suffer not his wicked device to proceed, but chain his wheels, and stop him in the career of his pursuits.’’ Thus we are to pray against the enemies of God’s people, that they may not succeed in any of their enterprises. Such was David’s prayer against Ahithophel, that God would turn his counsels into foolishness. The plea is, lest they exalt themselves, value themselves upon their success as if it were an evidence that God favoured them. Proud men, when they prosper, are made prouder, grow more impudent against God and insolent against his people, and therefore, “Lord, do not prosper them.’’2. Their destruction. This he prays for (as we read it); but some choose to read it rather as a prophecy, and the original will bear it. If we take it as a prayer, that proceeds from a spirit of prophecy, which comes all to one. He foretels the ruin,(1.) Of his own enemies: “As for those that compass me about, and seek my ruin,’’ [1.] “The mischief of their own lips shall cover their heads (v. 9); the evil they have wished to me shall come upon themselves, their curses shall be blown back into their own faces, and the very designs which they have laid against me shall turn to their own ruin,’’ Ps. 7:15, Ps. 7:16 . Let those that make mischief, by slandering, tale-bearing, misrepresenting their neighbours, and spreading ill-natured characters and stories, dread the consequence of it, and think how sad their condition will be when all the mischief they have been accessory to shall be made to return upon themselves. [2.] The judgments of God shall fall upon them, compared here to burning coals, in allusion to the destruction of Sodom; nay, as in the deluge the waters from above, and those from beneath, met for the drowning of the world, both the windows of heaven were opened and the fountains of the great deep were broken up, so here, to complete the ruin of the enemies of Christ and his kingdom, they shall not only have burning coals cast upon them from above (Job. 20:23 Job. 27:22 ), but they themselves shall be cast into the fire beneath; both heaven and hell, the wrath of God the Judge and the rage of Satan the tormentor, shall concur to make them miserable. And the fire they shall be cast into is not a furnace of fire, out of which perhaps they might escape, but a deep pit, out of which they cannot rise. Tophet is said to be deep and large, Isa. 30:33 .(2.) Of all others that are like them, v. 11. [1.] Evil speakers must expect to be shaken, for they shall never be established in the earth. What is got by fraud and falsehood, by calumny and unjust accusation, will not prosper, will not last. Wealth gotten by vanity will be diminished. Let not such men as Doeg think to reign long, for his doom will be theirs, Ps. 2:5 . A lying tongue is but for a moment, but the lip of truth shall be established for ever. [2.] Evil doers must expect to be destroyed: Evil shall hunt the violent man, as the blood-hound hunts the murderer to discover him, as the lion hunts his prey to tear it to pieces. Mischievous men will be brought to light, and brought to ruin; the destruction appointed shall run them down and overthrow them. Evil pursues sinners. II. Here is his foresight of the deliverance and comfort of the persecuted, v. 12, v. 13. God will do those justice, in delivering them, who, being wronged, commit themselves to him: “I know that the Lord will maintain the just and injured cause of his afflicted people, and will not suffer might always to prevail against right, though it be but the right of the poor, who have but little that they can pretend a right to.’’ God is, and will be, the patron of oppressed innocence, much more of persecuted piety; those that know him cannot but know this. 2. They will do him justice (if I may so speak), in ascribing the glory of their deliverance to him: “Surely the righteous (who make conscience of rendering to God his due, as well as to men theirs) shall give thanks unto thy name when they find their cause pleaded with jealousy and prosecuted with effect.’’ The closing words, The upright shall dwell in thy presence, denote both God’s favour to them (“Thou shalt admit them to dwell in thy presence in grace here, in glory hereafter, and it shall be their safety and happiness’’) and their duty to God: “They shall attend upon thee as servants that keep in the presence of their masters, both to do them honour and to receive their commands.’’ This is true thanksgiving, even thanksliving; and this use we should make of all our deliverance, we should serve God the more closely and cheerfully Wicked heart to do evil

    In prayer I received a Word regarding you. A MAN OF VIOLENCE WILL NOT STAND…I HAVE SET A WATCH OVER him…

    Repent and forgive quickly! (As we forgive those who have trespassed against us (real or imagined) we are forgiven if we don’t we die in sin go to hell Anything on this earth matters so little compared to a billion years in the fires of hell and then a billion more… then a billion …more Have you not read the book 23 minutes in hell by Bill Wiese?

    The Spirit of Truth
    Dear Friend, “And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever—the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you.”1
    When Jesus promised His disciples that He would ask the Father to send them a divine Helper, He gave this Helper a special name: “the Spirit of truth.” At the same time, however, He warned them that the world would not be able to receive this Helper. For this, the Scripture supplies two reasons. First, from the time that men turned away from God in rebellion, they have been unwilling to accept the truth which exposes their unrighteous deeds. Therefore they “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.”2 Second, rebellion against God has exposed humanity to the domination of the god of this age, “Satan, who deceives the whole world.”3 Deception is the primary weapon that Satan relies on to keep humanity under his control. Once his ability to deceive is stripped away, Satan has nothing to offer anyone except a place with him in the lake of eternal fire! Over many centuries, human philosophy has never been able to produce a satisfactory definition of “truth.” On the other hand, the Bible gives a threefold answer. First, Jesus said, “I am the truth.”4 Second, in praying to God the Father, He said, “Your word is truth.”5 Third, John tells us, “The [Holy] Spirit is truth.”6 In the spiritual realm, therefore, there are three coordinates of truth: Jesus, the Scripture and the Holy Spirit. When these three are in agreement, we know that we have arrived at truth—absolute truth. It is important, however, that we check all three coordinates before we arrive at a conclusion. There are three questions that we must ask concerning any spiritual issue: Does it represent Jesus as He truly is? Is it in harmony with Scripture? Does the Holy Spirit bear His witness? Historically, the Church would have been spared many errors and deceptions if it had always checked all three coordinates of truth. It is not enough that a teacher paints an appealing picture of Jesus as a perfect moral example. Or that a pastor batters his congregation with a barrage of Scripture verses. Or that an evangelist impresses his audience with a thrilling display of the supernatural. Before we can accept what is presented to us as truth, all three coordinates must be in place: Jesus, the Scripture, the Holy Spirit. In the threefold presentation of truth, the distinctive function of the Holy Spirit is to bear witness. “It is the Spirit who bears witness.”7
    The Holy Spirit bears witness to Jesus as the eternal Son of God, who shed His blood on the cross as the all-sufficient sacrifice for our sins. In the words of Charles Wesley: “The Spirit answers to the blood And tells me I am born of God.”
    The Holy Spirit also bears witness to the truth and authority of Scripture, as Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, “For our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance . . .”8
    Ananias and Sapphira There can be no compromise between the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of truth, and Satan, who “is a liar and the father of it.”9 This was dramatically demonstrated in the early church, when Ananias and Sapphira lied about the money that they had offered to the church. They claimed that they had brought the full price of the property that they had sold, whereas in fact they had kept back part of it. However, the Spirit of truth in Peter was not deceived. He charged Ananias with lying not merely to men, but also to the Holy Spirit Himself—the one who is the very Spirit of truth: But Peter said, “Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit and keep back part of the price of the land for yourself? While it remained, was it not your own? And after it was sold, was it not in your own control? Why have you conceived this thing in your heart? You have not lied to men but to God.” Then Ananias, hearing these words, fell down and breathed his last. So great fear came upon all those who heard these things.10
    Three hours later Sapphira came in and repeated the same lie. Like her husband, she paid for it with her life. Rightly defined, the sin of which Ananias and Sapphira were guilty was hypocrisy—religious pretense. They were pretending to be more generous and more committed to the Lord than they really were. Jesus reserved His strongest words of condemnation for this sin in the religious leaders of His day. Seven times in Matthew 23 He said to them: “Woe to you . . . hypocrites!”
    What Is Hypocrisy? Our English words “hypocrite,” “hypocrisy” are directly derived from the Greek word hupokrites, which means “actor.” This is the essence of hypocrisy: putting on a religious act. Probably no sin is more common among religious people than hypocrisy. In fact, some forms of religion almost demand it. When people enter a religious building, their whole demeanor changes. They are no longer natural, free and open. They appear to be gripped by some kind of invisible “cramp.” They feel required to put on a religious mask. Different branches of religion may require masks of a different kind, but few of them allow people to be their real selves. When the preacher condemns certain sins, such people respond with a dutiful “Amen!” But outside the church they commit those same sins without even a twinge of conscience. If they pray out loud, they use a special tone of voice and often a special vocabulary. They do not stop to consider how a human father would feel if his child were to address him with such artificial language or to put on an unnatural form of behavior just to impress him.
    The God of the Bible has no time for hypocrites. This comes out very clearly in the story of Job. Job’s three friends poured forth a torrent of religious platitudes. They said, in effect, “God always blesses the righteous, they never suffer unjustly.” On the other hand, “God always judges the wicked, they never prosper.” Yet the facts of history demonstrate that this is not true. It is just religious talk! On the other hand, Job was completely frank. He said, in effect, “God is not treating me fairly. I have done nothing to deserve all this. But even if He kills me, I will still trust Him.” In Job 42:7 the Lord revealed His estimate of the conduct of Job and his friends. “The LORD said to Eliphaz the Temanite, ‘My wrath is aroused against you and your two friends, for you have not spoken of Me what is right, as My servant Job has.’”11 We need to ask ourselves: How does this kind of religious behavior differ from the sin of Ananias and Sapphira, which cost them their lives?
    The Moment of Truth At a certain point in his career, King David was guilty of two terrible sins. First, he committed adultery with Bathsheba, the wife of his neighbor Uriah. Then to cover up his sin, he procured the murder of Uriah. Apparently David got away with all this. He still went through his regular forms of worship. He still carried out his duties as king. He still lived in the royal palace. Outwardly nothing had changed— until God’s messenger, the prophet Nathan, confronted David with his sin. At that moment David’s eternal destiny hung in the balance. By the grace of God, David made the right response. He offered no excuses, made no attempt to cover up. He acknowledged, “I have sinned.”12 Later on, in Psalm 51, David offered up a prayer of confession and then a cry for mercy. Verses 5 and 6 each begin with the word, “Behold,” expressing a sudden revelation of a vital truth. Verse 5 says, “Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me.” David had come face to face with something that only the Spirit of truth can reveal: not just the sinful acts that he had committed, but the awful evil power of inherited sinfulness that indwells every descendant of Adam. Verse 6 reveals the only basis on which God offers deliverance from the power of indwelling sin: “Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts.” Even after his sin, David had continued to go through all the outward forms of behavior appropriate to his role as king. But now there was a vast gap between his outward behavior and the inward condition of his heart. He had become a hypocrite—an actor playing a part which no longer corresponded to what was in his heart. For this there was only one remedy: honest confession and wholehearted repentance.
    From Palm Sunday to Good Friday There is one truth that runs through the whole Bible: God will never compromise with sin. This is vividly illustrated by two days in the life of Jesus: Palm Sunday and Good Friday. On Palm Sunday Jesus entered Jerusalem as a popular hero—”the prophet from Nazareth of Galilee.”13 The whole city was open to Him. He could easily have set aside His bitter enemies, the religious leaders, and established Himself as King. That was what the people were longing for. Yet He chose another way. Five days later He hung rejected and naked on a cruel cross. Why? Because God will never compromise with sin and the only way to deal with sin was the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.
    Many Christians today are speaking and praying about “revival.” They often overlook the fact that there is one barrier to revival that can never be bypassed. It is sin. Until sin is dealt with, true revival can never come. And there is only one way to deal with sin: “He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.”14 Frankly stated, many sections of the contemporary church are full of “covered sin.” Here are some sins that Christians often seek to cover: 1. Abuse of a child—physical, emotional, sexual—or a combination. 2. Broken marriage vows. 3. Unethical dealing with money. 4. Addiction to pornography. (I have been shocked to discover how common this is among leaders in the church.) 5. Gluttony—overindulgence of our physical appetites. God’s remedy is twofold: first, confess; then, forsake. It is seldom easy to confess our sins. Yet there is no other remedy. “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”15 God has never committed Himself to forgive sins that we are not willing to confess. But it is not enough merely to confess. We must also “forsake.” We must make a resolute determination not to continue to commit the sin we have confessed. We must follow the succinct advice that Daniel gave to King Nebuchadnezzar: “Break off thy sins by righteousness.”16 Between righteousness and sin there is no middle ground. “All unrighteousness is sin.”17 Whatever is not righteous is sinful. Are you face to face with a difficult decision? If this letter has caused you to question things in your life that you have been accepting, or has confronted you with some area of disobedience, open up to the Spirit of truth! He is ready and willing to come to your help. Yours in the Master’s service,
    Derek Prince
    PS: The theme of my next letter will be the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
    1John 14:16–17 2Romans 1:18 3Revelation 12:9 4John 14:6 5John 17:17 61 John 5:6
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    For further study, we recommend 4216C “Deliverance from the World, part 1.” A contribution to help cover cost will be appreciated, but is not necessary.
    Reproduction for free distribution is permitte

    May you find true salvation
    Dr Gail


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