Pimento Paste ‘the essence of Azorean cuisine” in a jar


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As with most of the Portuguese recipes I have written in my blog, one common ingredient that crops up  is the use of pimento paste.  What is this “pimento paste” you ask ?  A very special concoction with an interesting history.  The  pimento or pimentão, is a bell pepper,  also known in Latin as  Capsicum. The “pimentão” or  large  bell pepper,  botanically known as fruits, although  generally considered in the culinary world  to be vegetables.   There is also the cherry pepper which has commonly  been  referred as pimento  in the English speaking world. The pepper is mainly used in creating the red filler for Spanish olives and not to be confused with the Pimento traditionally used by the Portuguese in their paste.   In fact,  it’s the red bell pepper that has been widely used in the making of pimento pastes within  the Portuguese community. Some Portuguese natives refer their paste as  “Pimenta Moida” the second word pronounced mo-wee-da, which translates to  ground or puréed  pepper.

There are two main available textures:  The Incopil brand, which is  a deep red thick paste similar to that…

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