Deadly plant

Beware of deadly plant.

Bryan Moore's photo.
Bryan Moore's photo.

Tonight, we had to say goodbye to our ten-month old Sasha Bear. Sasha, weighing in at a healthy 82 pounds and being the dog that she was, got into a Cycas plant, which caused her liver to shutdown within hours of ingestion. This particular plant is more common than you could ever imagine and was purchased at IKEA, but is often found in stores such as Home Depot, King Soopers etc. It actually puts off a sent which makes it appealing for animals to eat and has been known to kill both humans and pets. It is almost always fatal to animals.
If you have one of these plants, or ever consider purchasing one, I would like to take the opportunity to encourage you to avoid it, and thus discourage its sale in our markets. No $4 plant should be allowed to inflict such pain and suffering.
I know that I’ll be making a trip tomorrow to IKEA with an empty pot and a picture of Sasha.


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