When You Think No One Else Is Watching


Throughout this summer, I’ve had the privilege of traipsing my two younger children back and forth to their summer camp. Along the way, we see lots of things on the drive. Usually, I’m focused on the road or thinking of dozens of things that I either need or want to do when I’ve completed the task of getting them there. So unless I have come to a stop at a light, I usually don’t notice every detail of what is where along the route.2013-07-22 14.50.12

One day this past week was a different story. I happened to see that there was a Planned Parenthood Office on one side of a main street that I drive. What had drawn my attention to this place being here was a small sign in front of the yard at the edge of the road. The sign read, “Because everyone should have a birthday.” It was…

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