Dr. Caroline Leaf says that up to 98% of mental and physical disease is from our thoughts!  Medical science says we can have up to 60,000 thoughts a day!  This is where the battle begins.

Thoughts come in via Theta brain waves.  They can be from God, ourselves, or the enemy.  We must be like an umpire and cast out the thoughts that do not line up with scripture.

If we meditate on the bad thoughts they become part of our anatomy a process called protein synthesis.  The enemy can use this later and resurrect thoughts, emotions, even smells to get a person to participate with sin.

Your genes get turned on and off every day by your thoughts and their intertwined beliefs and feelings.

You cannot hide stuffed feelings, memories, or unforgiveness.  Your hypothalamus is a scanner!  It will scan everything hidden or not.  Then…

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