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One day on the way to a church meeting the Lord said to me, “it takes 20 years to make a man”. I had been counting in my mind how many years I had been in the ministry and how many years I’d been saved when suddenly I heard that phrase in my spirit. Whenever the Lord makes a statement like this, almost out of left field, I pay very close attention to it because it is a seasonal statement, meaning something is about to change…get ready…what you’ve been prepared for is upon you.

During this recent drive to a church meeting I was also rehearsing all the seasons of my life and ministry in my mind, and wishing I had learned certain lessons earlier. I was also rejoicing in the goodness and mercy of God shown to me. Then the thought hit me, “it is good to die young”.

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Born Again Christian since 1977 / Insurance Business / Nurse Natural health since 1986 Roots of disease since 2008 / Pastor Dr Gail Facebook: Hope Outreach Community Centre I post information pertaining to/ natural health, Spirit, Soul, Body, Relationships, Finance, and World Affairs.
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