Thanksgiving Day 2014 Retrospectively


Thanksgiving Day 2014 Retrospectively

In 1609 – there were approximately 300 colonists that arrived in Jamestown. That winter, because their food supplies had pretty much run out, 80% of the people died from starvation and assorted diseases.
Around 1620 – The Puritan’s who believe God said what He means and means what He said, which today we call the Pilgrims boarded the Mayflower. Three months later they landed at Plymouth. Within the first year, half of them perished. Sounds like they certainly had their fare share of grief and sorrow as the enemy of our souls was obviously trying to stop them from the vision the Lord must have given them. In 1621-The Pilgrims dedicated three days for a Thanksgiving Feast to give God glory. Imagine doing that against all the suffering that was going on. Mind you these were Bible believing Christians and they understood Leviticus 23.

In 1689…

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