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Spirit of homosexuality in the womb Derek Prince you tube


Dr Michael Brown 2016   Sid Roth homosexuality  5/9/16   6/24/16 added       By Brian Fischer added 09/20/2016   New book on how God healed him


Some possible roots in the generations concerning gender confusion;

Spirits of: generational ungodly order in the home (with resultant matriarchal witchcraft); confusion possibly causing gender disorientation; generational double mindedness; generational rebellion; occultism –false religion; spirit of rejection coming out of child not being able to meet parents’ high expectations; spirit of identity confusion stemming out of double mindedness; unloving spirit stemming out of need to please parents; self-rejection;  rejection in the womb; unwanted pregnancy;Parent wanted different sex of child;accusing spirits; possible gender confusion coming out of parents having desired opposite gender child; homosexual spirit; effeminate or female spirit; possibly never blessed or brought into his manhood by his dad; spirit of fear (as in stress and anxiety) coming out of not knowing the Father’s Love teaching; patriarchal control.

Speak to the cortisol set point and hypothalamus to balance out hormones. Address the plans God has for him.




When there is ungodly order in the home, we pervert the plan of God. Then we have diseases such as dyslexia, gender disorientation, or autism. Each of these represents various facets of the breakdown. We find it is generational. In fact, it’s amazing to me that when I find learning disabilities, especially ADD or ADHD, without exception I find strong females and weak males; or the male may be passiveaggressive.

Some women marry these passive men because he seems so quiet. They mistake that quietness for gentleness. It isn’t gentleness; it is passivity. When they get married and have children, the woman has to be responsible for the finances and where to go to church, the

spirituality and discipline of the children and usually everything else. The women find they don’t like it and it may open a door to


Often they try to confront him to bring…

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