A Doctor teaches on the mind body connection
It seems that there is a correlation between the Roots of Disease and these three layers and their respective organs.
These associations are not absolute, watertight divisions, but there is enough medical evidence and even common knowledge to support the pattern.

The ectoderm is affected primarily by Unlovingness, Sadness, and Conflict. Specifically:
• Unlovingness affects our skin (including psoriasis, eczema, and premature ageing)
• Sadness affects the function of our brain (including depression, forgetfulness, Parkinson’s Disease, etc.), and
• Conflict affects the nerves regulating our blood vessels and heart (including heart palpitations and migraine)

The mesoderm is affected by Impatience, Unkindness, and Bitterness. Specifically:
• Impatience (hostility – Type A trait) affects our heart (including high cholesterol and heart disease)
• Unkindness affects our kidneys, and
• Bitterness affects our musculoskeletal system and bone marrow (including arthritis and cancers)

The endoderm is affected by Unfaithfulness, Harshness and Self-indulgence. Specifically:
• Unfaithfulness affects our liver (including Hepatitis B & C)
• Harshness affects parts of our endocrine system (including thyroid problems)
• Self-indulgence affects our intestines (including obesity)

The purpose of showing these associations is not to judge or condemn those with chronic illness. Rather we should all realize that our call to live by the Fruit of the Spirit is also vital to our bodies as it is to our Spirit and Soul. From a ministry perspective we have found that when people are struggling with diseases in specific parts of their body, it is literally health to their bodies when we bless their spirits with the Fruit of the Spirit for that particular area:

Our brain and nerves, the skin and the electrical control of the heart and blood vessels respond readily to Love, Joy and Peace.
Our musculoskeletal system, heart and kidneys and immune system respond to Patience, Kindness and Goodness.
Our liver, various endocrine organs, and intestines respond to Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Discipline.

We hope that this revelation may bless you and motivate you to bless others with the Fruit of the Spirit; it is a tree of life to our bodies.
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Frans J Cronjé, MD; Johannes C Cronjé, MD can be reached at

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