Five youth suicides this year in the city of Woodstock, Ont., raise concerns



Comment: Death is a spirit.  It cannot be managed with just a drug.


Psychiatric Medication

I do not speak out against psychiatric medication because I want to condemn people, or make them feel guilty. I want to help people. If, for example, I knew that eating some food could kill you or seriously injure you, and kept this to myself, you would justifiably be angry at me. These drugs have serious, proven long term side affects that are hidden from the public, and the logic behind them is not God’s desire for you to be healthy in your spirit, soul and body. Psychiatric drugs are based off of a theoretical view of evolution as a mindless, unguided process that created you as mechanistic individual with a biological brain that has chemicals that need to be “balanced”. You are more than your biology; you are the temple of the Lord, created in his image. This is not a game: these drugs can decrease your lifespan by 15-25 years. I want you to have those 15-25 years, and I want them to be characterized by God’s perfect, good plan for your life. I ask you to not to just take my word for this, but to do your own research. You can find a multitude of references on my sitewww.drleaf.comunder Scientific FAQs. It is my earnest desire that people do not perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). **DRUG WITHDRAWAL should ALWAYS be done under the supervision of a qualified professional. These drugs alter your brain chemistry, and withdrawal can be a difficult process. Dr. Caroline Leaf


A Spirit of Death Works To Complete Its Assignment

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Double the risk of suicide????  Voices in one’s head



Some schools have instituted yoga!     click testimony area

Real stories from real people!

Below are some great testimonies of God’s Word in action!

Rev 12:11, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony…”

Called to minister deliverance *Powerful!!*

Sent in by Josephine

Hi Robert,

Thanks for being there brother! I found very good materials in your website, something very new to us. Our orientation is more of Baptist theology, so gifts and spiritual warfare is very foreign to us, specially demon possession. Then suddenly, we were faced with actual cases of demon possession, not just one but nine of them! During the first week, we fought the demons with prayer and love. We didn’t believe we had the power and authority to use Jesus’ name, so all we did was pray and whenever they turn violent, we tell them we love them and they just faint under the power of love, but they manifest daily without ceasing. We had no rest nor sleep nor food and we got so exhausted as the days went by. In desperation, we tried to use the Name of Christ and surprise! They tremble and shiver but we couldn’t still cast them out. We employed the help of more than 20 Pastors from different churches but to no avail. Some of them won’t even believe that the kids are possessed. Some of them thought we’re out of our minds, that we were imagining things. They wouldn’t believe that we saw the victims float on air, and show all signs of demon possession as you describe it in your website. Still others used the Name of Jesus but the demons just wouldn’t budge. As the days went by, we learned how to use our authority and we could already command the demons to walk, to eat, to take a bath, all sorts of things except leaving the body. Then we found out that the family of the children who were afflicted were deeply involved in witchcraft and one of them even participated in Satanic rituals. What we learned from you website is invaluable. After fasting and cleansing the whole family (3 generations of them) of their generational sins, soul ties, witchcraft and other curses, the demons finally left without a fight, exactly 1 month after the fist attack. Now we’re very confident that we are very well equipped to handle demonic possession and oppression of any kind. It’s like we learned the lesson of a lifetime. On top of that, we are now confident that we have the authority to heal the sick.

What we’ve learned from your website have strengthened us so much, you are mightily used of God!


Another article from  kids playing a game summoning demons   Former satanist testimony John Ramirez now evangelist for Jesus Christ over 14 yrs


These are just a few examples of possible spiritual involvement with a spirit of death.

Dr. Gail



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  1. Marg - says:

    I wonder how long it will take our officials to consider GOD is the answer and that we the church should be the one to give the answer.


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