Practical Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah

Evangelist Kelly McDonald, Jr. Hungry Hearts Ministries


Of course, it is always a great idea for ministries to host special conferences or services to remember this tremendous time of the year. After all, Jesus celebrated it!

A common celebration in the home is the lighting of a hanukkiah. A hanukkiah is a nine-branch menorah. The menorah in the temple was a seven branch. The Jewish people use this special nine branch to remember the oil that lasted eight days. The middle branch in the nine-branch menorah is called the Shamash branch. It is the servant branch. This candle is used to light all the other candles during the eight days of Hanukkah.

During Hanukkah, some families get together and light the menorah each night. The first night, they light the Shamash branch and then 1 branch. The second night, they light the Shamash branch and 2 branches, and so forth. On the last night they light…

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