Many are called FEW CHOSEN


The Bible uses three powerful
words concerning the calling of
God. First, it is a “high calling”
(see Philippians 3:14). It is on a
different level from all the other
interests and claims of life. In a
Christian’s life nothing else may
take precedence over the calling
of God — neither a home, nor
any family or earthly ties. “If you
want to be my follower you must
love me more than your own
father and mother, wife and
children, brothers and sisters —
yes, more than your own life.
Otherwise, you cannot be my
disciple” (Luke 14:26 NLT)



About nuggets4u

Born Again Christian since 1977 / Insurance Business / Nurse Natural health since 1986 Roots of disease since 2008 / Pastor Dr Gail Facebook: Hope Outreach Community Centre I post information pertaining to/ natural health, Spirit, Soul, Body, Relationships, Finance, and World Affairs.
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