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Today it is very popular to hear a Bible teacher or preacher expound on Scriptures that promise you a blessed, happy, and prosperous life. There are definitely principles in the Word of God that when implemented will produce such benefits as health, financial success, peace in your life and relationships etc. I am not opposed to any of it. What I do find alarming is when we major on the blessings of God without hardly a mention of the cross and the price of obedience to follow Jesus. Preaching and teaching on only these principles can easily turn the hearers into “fish and loaf” believers, and the preachers/teachers into ear-tickling motivational speakers who lull their hearers into a false sense of security that sets them up to be targets of deception. When we preach seeker-friendly messages and exclude the holiness of God and His commands to lay down our lives…

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Born Again Christian since 1977 / Insurance Business / Nurse Natural health since 1986 Roots of disease since 2008 / Pastor Dr Gail www.hope4u.ca Facebook: Hope Outreach Community Centre I post information pertaining to/ natural health, Spirit, Soul, Body, Relationships, Finance, and World Affairs.
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