The big question that comes up in Bible
study is the word sin and iniquity some
of the newer Bible translation
committees have removed the word
iniquity and just replaced it with the
word sin.
Yet when you go to the Hebrew
language and especially the Old
Testament and look up for the word
iniquity was replaced with the word sin
by these new translation committees you
find it’s a different Hebrew board for
iniquity than sin so I gave them the
license to dump a Hebrew word and insert
another word that has no foundation from
Scripture in the language it’s a serious
defect a scholarship now you say well
ask splitting hairs.
Is it if we get into
an understanding of sin and iniquities
probably the easiest place to start
would be in Nehemiah chapter 9 verses 1
through 3 because here the children the
captivity had come from the days of
seven years of captivity under
Nebuchadnezzar and they’d come back to
Israel to rebuild the temple and as for
the high priest had found the the Word
of God and he began to read in the Word
of God distinctly that all could hear
and understand and they learned
They learned
Deuteronomy 28 they learned the basis of
choosing this day what you shall have
life or death they understood the mind
of God from the scriptures of Moses and
the law of Moses they understood what
had happened to them and what had
happened to their parents and
grandparents they also recognized that
the things that were in their parents
and grandparents said they didn’t deal
with it now would be would be affecting
them and their children and their
children’s children because they read
from the word in Exodus chapter 20 verse
5 that the iniquities there’s that word
of the father’s should be visited to the
third and fourth generation
I got it
one of the things they did in Nehemiah 9
as they this is an interesting service
they had they spent 1/4 of the day
giving God thanks for teaching them what
Wow think about that you know that’s a
lot of teaching then the next part that
they did they worshiped gave God thanks
they worshipped him
Yeah the part that
they heard the reading of the word then
they gave God thanks they were should
think a Thanksgiving and the and the
other part of the day they did this
this is Nehemiah nine three they
confessed their sins and the iniquities
of the fathers do you know there are
things in our lives that we’ve inherited
from our parents and grandparents and
I have in my
scientific part of my journey I have a
chromosome chart of all the chromosomes
that are in your bodies and the specific
diseases and syndromes and so on that
are inherited from generation generation
and the specific chromosome and the very
little part of the chromosome like
manic-depression inherited recessive
gene to the mother X chromosome section
23 B
I don’t hear that part of the
chromosome replicates itself as
manic-depression recessive gene to the
mother family tree other things come
through thought how can that be
well even science knows in the new field
of epigenetics that thought can be
inherited and it can cause gene
expression to go wacko it isn’t the gene
is defective anymore is that something
called thought is causing the gene not
to express itself genetically correctly
Producing an aberration of function the
church needs to hear these things maybe
we’re not receiving because we’re
praying and this may be we don’t
understand the problem at all so we get
into the understanding of the difference
between sin iniquities sin if we keep it
simple here is our participation with
the law of sin for example if the Word
of God says you’re to forgive your
or your sister and you don’t
Then you’re
participating with the law of sin the
law of God would say forgive the law sin
would say ah keep a record of wrongs
now which law you followed depends on
your present and future health if you so
unto the things of the flesh you shall
reap the things of the flesh if you sow
under the things of the Spirit you shall
reap the things of the Spirit first
minute led by the Spirit of God or the
law of God are the sons of God see this
elementary isn’t it
So iniquity is the forefathers influence
why does God hold the forefathers
responsible you say well well I yeah
what it’s unfortunate that your
ancestors didn’t teach you about God I
mean I’m a preacher’s kid and I don’t
know that I got taught about God in the
proper way at all I got taught I get
right or get left
That’s all I know get
right to get left was I taught how to
live victoriously was I taught how to be
an overcomer was I taught the difference
in law of Gunnlaugsson not at all it
wasn’t part of the mindset of religion
or Christianity
Moin he’ll go to heaven that was it
keeping it very simple sin is our
participation with sin and God holds us
responsible we need to repent for it
iniquity is our participation with the
very sins that took our ancestors down
and you have an enemy that wants to
train you in the law sin he wants he
thinks you’re easy
He thinks he can give you thoughts and
took down your parents and your
grandparents your great-grandparents and
it thinks if he can give you those
thoughts and you can make it your own
he can rule you and yes put disease on
you yes put psychiatric and biological
disease on you and syndromes and he
doesn’t even have to work up a sweat to
do it because we have no knowledge you
know what the word says God said my
people have gone into captivity whose
it’s people because they have no
knowledge I trust this little discussion
on the difference in iniquities has
helped you in your journey of

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