Demon Assignments


Excerpt from the lecture “Demons – they are all around us”

By Dr. Derek Prince

“Demons have all the marks of personality. Everything that you would associate with a person, a demon has. They are persons, persons without bodies, but just real persons. They have all the marks. It’s most important to understand this. The majority of Christians caught up in this warfare with demons do not realize that they are dealing with persons, active intelligent beings who study you, and know you and know your weak points and your weak moments and just how to get advantage over you and they act with intelligence.

They have two main objectives assigned to them by Satan.

The first one is to keep you from becoming a Christian, from knowing Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter what means they use, as long as they achieve that objective.

Their second main objective, if they fail in the first, is to keep you from being an EFFECTIVE Christian.

Now what most of you here are concerned with is the frustrating of their second objective. They have not kept most of you from Jesus Christ, they will now do everything they can to keep you from serving Jesus Christ effectively. They will plot and plan with supernatural intelligence to achieve this objective and you are subject to their plotting and planning and attacks.

You cannot get off to another planet where there are no demons. I don’t know whether there are demons on other planets, I don’t know.

But you cannot escape, it’s part of your environment as a Christian. In fact it’s part of the environment of the world. The world of people with unseen but very real agents we call demons.

We pointed out that there are three main phrases used in the New Testament for to describe the activity and operations of demons in relation to a person.

The first one is TO BE IN an unclean spirit or UNDER THE INFLUENCE of an unclean spirit in modern English.

The second one is to HAVE an unclean spirit or an evil spirit.

The third is a verb ‘to be DEMONIZED’. NONE of them justify the use of the word ‘possess’. This is a mistranslation. We are not talking about people who are possessed by Satan in the sense of being owned by Satan, because if people are owned by Satan, they are not owned by the Lord. Christians are owned by the Lord but in many Christians, I would say the majority of Christians, there are areas of their lives and personality ‘which the Lord does not effectively control’ and those are the areas where we have to look for demon presence and activity.

Now I have put up on the board yesterday six verbs that describe demon activity and at the back of my mind I knew there was a seventh and I’ve put it up this afternoon. Let’s go through them briefly. Can you see the board at the back most of you? Good.

1. They ENTICE. They attract you to do that which is evil. They bring pressure upon you to do that which is evil.

2. They ENSLAVE when they’ve got you doing it, they make you their slave. You are no longer a free agent.

3. They TORMENT, they are the tormentors of the New Testament. The New Testament speaks about the tormentors and they are the demons they torment spiritually, mentally and physically. They torment mentally with the fear of insanity, this is one of their favorite forms of torment. They torment spiritually with a sense of guilt or unworthiness or rejection.

4. They COMPEL, they make you do things. Anything compulsive is probably demonic. Compulsive eating, compulsive drinking, compulsive talking, all these things.

5. They DEFILE, they make you feel unclean, they inject bad words and wrong thoughts and vile pictures and images into you mind.

6. They HARASS, they follow you around as I said down here, they choose the weakest moment in the weakest place, just when you want to relax is when they hit you.

7. And seventh, very very characteristic and I’m glad I got it up, they DECEIVE, they are the deceivers. They misrepresent things, they tempt you away from the truth and then inject error. The Bible speaks about the spirit of error.

Alright, and then to sum up this one main distinctive word, we chose the word ‘RESTLESSNESS’.”

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