Stubborness- By Derek Prince Ministries

"Tame Your Braino"

Do you ever struggle with stubbornness? You know—those times when it’s clear you should change your mind about an issue, but you just can’t? Or maybe you even refuse to do so? (Please tell me I’m not the only one who struggles in this area!)

Maybe a situation is coming to mind right now—a matter where the Holy Spirit is nudging you to change your opinion, but you are resisting that urge. Or perhaps the Lord is simply working on you to become a little more pliable in your positions and/or attitudes.

I’m not trying to get into your business. But if, like me, you periodically deal with stubborn tendencies, this letter may provide some light and life to you. I sure hope so!

A Gripping Message

One of the amazing aspects of reading the Word of God is discovering a verse I have read before, but never truly “seen.”…

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