Mental health Ministry tool box info

This can help us understand how the enemy can come in to try to put mental illness…good info for ministry tool box

Remember we never never give an inkling of any condemnation for taking any prescription drug….we know that the doctor will see Gods healing and reduce and remove the drugs eventually!!!!

Glory to God!

This is a Christian counselor that does not mention deliverance along with forgiveness..repentance (possible spiritual root of evil spirits)

We teach on

Self play..also how unforgiveness can attack body and mind trying to cause destruction at you tubes

Be in health Ga…where we were trained…does teach that all mental illness is demonic…they also encourage never remove drugs given by a doctor but to let them be a bridge while God heals!

This is very interesting for what we see going on in many Churches right now and also in the secular workplaces




I find this very interesting especially in #1 its used as manipulation…even in a church setting(this counselor is a christian and gives some real life examples) to get half to stand for What Gods word says….and the others to give in to the self pity manipulation and overlook addressing any sin

A must for anyone to keep for their Ministry tool box

Meaty nuggets

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