Identity Symbol the Menorah

The menorah is a symbol of identity. It represents all the “sevens” of God. If you put two menorah’s together, interestingly, they are like a circle of the cosmos. It represents time.

The feasts are divided into SPRING and FALL. The Spring feasts have been literally fulfilled in real time. The fall feasts are yet to be fulfilled in real time. The first four candles point from passover to pentecost. The next three candles are rosh hashana to Sukkot.

Rosh Hashana is the The “taking up” or the resurrection of the righteous. The ten Days of Awe picture the judgement seat of Christ/Tribulation period on earth. Yom Kippur pictures the second coming, as the Day always spoken of as the Day of the Lord. Sukkot/Tabernacles prophetically pictures the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the 1000 year reign, and after that, the New Jerusalem.

We can participate as they are likened to “dress rehersals” of the literal events when they occur. Keeping them helps us prepare our heart and remain ready for when the time is literally upon us!

Sukkot begins Sunday at sundown.

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