“The tongues of fire rested on each of them…” Acts 2:3.,

The warning in Revelation in regard to the mark of the beast has a basis in something related to prayer and fire in the book of Acts that takes us right back to one of the most important instructions of Jesus that is given in the Gospel’s quoting Deut. 6:4-9. It is also the secret to the 4th man in the fiery furnace in Daniel, when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo refused to bow in worship to the image… Revelation tells us the strange fire starts with an image, worshipping an image, before that image takes on a form.

The tongues of fire falling in Acts establishes one of the most important principles we will ever walk in, if we choose to. If you think Acts 2 is just about speaking in tongues, there is something even more significant to grab a hold of as revelation.

In Deut. 6 the instruction to bind tefillin on the forehead and on the hand is to protect the covenant believer from something to come; to protect their devotion to God. To protect their children from falling down in worship of the image of the beast in latter days, which we now know is literally related to Artificial Intelligence today.

Literally, the phrase is “rest tefillin on your heads.” Tefillin is from the word tefillah, meaning prayer. The box has a letter shin ש on it (one in the left and right sides of the box) Shin represents FIRE–the fire of Shaddai, the Presence of Shalom. The Guardian of our souls. This letter means a lot of very important things in relation to how we keep our minds set on eternity, but I will focus on this: Our relationship with the Holy Spirit,
a) in regard to the Holy Spirit activating our prayers, causing our words to ascend the Mountain of God, to be received and answered
b) the Holy Spirit’s primary given task of BURNING the word of God on our hearts as we commune daily with the Lord.
c) walking with the mind of Christ by putting on the helmet of salvation

When the Holy Spirit fell–literally “rested on their heads” in Acts 2:3–something very important is shown to us about the importance of the passage in Deut. 6:4-9. When we keep God’s instructions. It points us directly to how we live our lives and keep God’s fire burning in our hearts, our homes, in our generations, and in our communities… IMMERSING ourselves in the flame, so that it rests upon our head fueling what we meditate on.

The immersion of the Holy Spirit is ALL ABOUT meditating on the instruction of the Lord day and night…

“Who has time for that?” you may ask. My answer, “Who doesn’t have time for that?” When we understand the guard this places over our mind in protecting our thought life, our soul, our faith, our spirituality, our peace of mind–we PRIORITIZE time to fortify our minds. We make time to keep the instruction. Or else our dreams, our vision, our goals, our passion, our desires, our hopes, our potential–these get burned down. They get consumed by busyness.

Think of it this way: Remember the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf? The wolf huffs and puffs to blow the house down? The enemy, a fire breathing dragon, is trying to consume every good seed inside you, and burn you down. Taunting, “I will huff, and puff, and blow your house down.” He can’t burn what is already burning with the true flame.

The shin ש is a symbol that represents the Guardian of the Door. The symbol to the enemy that says, “This house is under the security of El Shaddai, the King of Shalom.”

BECAUSE of Pentecost, this instruction is even more significant and absolutely key to success as a believer, based on Joshua 1:8.

We are told exactly how to live (see the verse image of Deut. 6:4-9 for how we are instructed to live, for what it means to LOVE GOD).

For many, living this way seems excessive. In fact, I have been called “obsessed” many times because I chase after this instruction daily to make as my lifestyle and my reality. I literally BURN inside because I have seen what will come if the body of Christ doesn’t choose to live this way in days to come. I have seen the other fire consume in terrifying ways because the threshold covenant is not being secured. Most Christian’s today haven’t even heard of theshold covenant.

It is not obsessive to obey Jesus and live His life and imitate His ways. It is not obsessive to creatively and intentionally talk about God with your children day in and day out so that they know how to walk with God. It is not obsessive to have your tongue moving constantly in reflection of the power of God, “praying without ceasing.” It is not obsessive to protect your kids from their minds being taken over by an image that sets up the altar of strange fire, intended to steal their potential and consume them with anxiety/depression, loneliness and despair.

It is for our protection to keep this instruction, which is why Jesus said it is the most important one to follow. It gurantees the will of God being accomplished in our lives daily regardless of the rising darkness. As long as our fire is burning inwardly, and the seal of God is set on our forhead and bound to our hand, our fire will light up the path before us externally. We will not be overcome.

Jesus gave us the antedote to the false mark on the forehead and hand so it can never rest there, but we have to keep that fire burning. We have to rest the tefillin on our head.

By walking with God, keeping his fire resting on our head, like the three praying men in Daniel, we will be untouched by the competing, false flame. We will know not to bow to that image, standing tall before us. We will be able to discern, since the “wisdom of the # of that name” comes only to those whose eyes have kept watch over their soul, we need the Word of God set before our eyes so they are not given to another.

Commune daily with Holy Spirit. Immerse yourself daily in God’s instruction. This is the most important instruction you will ever keep and future generations, households, relationships, and communities DEPEND on you doing your part in God’s unfolding plan.
All He asks is that you talk about Him and to Him incessantly!!

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