Jesus, the Torah, Old Testament

This is an excellent post by Danielle A. Boddy

The remnant that teach the whole counsel of God meet with much retaliation! We desire to only warn our brethren about itchy ear teachings…


Jesus must not have known He was here to do away with the Torah before He died because He spent an awful lot of time teaching the Torah. He literally gave His life to talk about Torah. He must not have realized that there was no need for anyone to have these instructions. He must not have known that the Torah was made obselete by His life… I guess the Father did not give Jesus this revelation of which He seems to have priviledged the majority of Christian’s today… So, go right ahead and commit adultery. Jesus did away with the law. Go ahead and steal from people. You have grace. If anyone wants to call the police and charge you, they are judgemental and don’t have a revelation of the father’s love. Pray for them. While you are at it, go ahead and covet and compare yourself to others because those commandments are made obselete too. Murder is okay. Go right ahead and tell lies and bear a false witness against other people because there are no rules. Every man defines his own path. If someone doesn’t like you, they just need to find Jesus. God doesn’t require a standard for living. Our righteousness is fulfilled in Jesus. Did you not know that Jesus died FOR sin–so we can do it all without any fear of consequence?! It is already forgiven and cancelled out. In fact, Sin serves Jesus, didn’t you know that? Because my imperfections are beautiful now! They make me real, authentic, and human. Jesus made all my sin to be beautiful and pretty to look at, and dazzling glory. It is my story. My sin-story is my light because of Jesus. When My Father looks at me, He just sees Jesus. All my sin is forgotten. And even my sins I do tomorrow are already paid for in Jesus so, I never ever need to ever examine myself. Who needs that kind of negativity?! All I need is Jesus. I am loved by him. This is my identity in Christ. Anyone who does not believe that my imperfections are beautiful and valueable to Jesus is toxic. They need to shut up and sit down.

It seems shocking that this is the dialogue I hear almost every time I talk to a Christian these days. Yes, I may be exagerating a little bit, but this is actually a very popular christian message currently circulating…. It is funny how a trend can become a stronghold and no one notices or stops to ask the questions and read the Word for themselves. Instead, they just keep repeating the same trend “Jesus did away with the Torah and made the Old Testament obselete.” It is spreading like a game of broken telephone…

The Word Torah means instruction and teaching in Hebrew. This word Torah cannot be separated from the concept of a Father and Son–the relationship they share in the household of the Father. The root verb of Torah is yarah. It means to shoot an arrow to hit a target. What is the arrow? The Father’s Teaching and instructions (Torah). What is the target? The heart (Us). What is the PATH OF LIFE or THE WAY? The path of the arrow in front of the heart is “the path.” If we are walking toward the arrow, we are always walking toward the Father’s heart so that the arrow of His heart penetrates our heart. His GOAL is our instruction. Our goal is to REACH the goal of His instruction.

If I got a dollar for every time I heard someone say “Jesus did away with the Torah and the Old Testament” I would be very rich indeed. I hear it almost EVERY day. What an incredibly trendy deception circulating the headspace of most Christian’s today, revealing how disconnected our body is from its head and from understanding the “Father’s Heart.”

As children of God we are called to walk in the pathway of the Father’s arrow so that when the Father sends out the arrows of instruction, we are in the pathway of the arrow and, therefore, the arrow can reach its target. The engravement of the Father’s Word upon our heart is simply the Father’s arrow penetrating our heart; making a way for His instruction to literally enter our heart and get stuck there. This is called CLEAVING or ABIDING.

The Father’s agenda is always to join his heart and our heart together to mark us forever with His imprint/DNA. This is why one word, Torah, has 4 terms that intersect into one: Torah, which is teaching and instruction. Moreh, which is teacher. And, Horei, which means parent. These three words all share this root yarah. It is not that complicated. The Father’s heart is to teach and to parent–to Father His children into freedom and success!

Jesus did not put an end to His Father’s instructions and “DO AWAY WITH THEM.” That would make Him the anti-Messiah. A lawless son. Unfortunately, our view of Jesus today, in the Christian church, is more and more being conformed to the ant-Messiah imagery. Today’s popular view of Jesus is that he was lawless. It is very disturbing to hear people–to hear Christian’s–talk like this. It is a subtle undertone seeping into our faith foundation. It is a lie.

The entire message of the disciples is a call to imitate Christ, to walk in His steps, and make our mindsets/paradigms like His. To have His mindset dictate our lives. Even the armor of God is simply “put on the helmet of salvation.” Literally, put on Yeshua [salvation]. If you put on Christ, you have the shield of faith to extinguish ALL the fiery darts of the evil one. Why does the evil one have fiery darts? Because these fiery darts are the other arrows sent from the other path–the path of destruction. The path we end up on when we reject the Father’s arrows by putting a wall up in front of His target. If our heart is not in the path of the Father’s arrow then it is on the pathway of the other’s arrows. The other being the “Father of lies.” That is what is burning our hearts down and destroying our potential to bear fruit and be light. It is the source of so much confusion.

Here is the thing, if we preach that Jesus did away with the Torah, then we also remove the New Testament, because every word inside your New Testament is from the Torah. And since one of Jesus’ Messianic titles is “Living Torah” then we reject that too. His words are not living anymore. They are just History. We like the Psalms so, we will keep the Songbook of Torah, but we reject any of its prophecy about the second coming of Jesus and His Kingdom. And you might as well throw out salvation, since if there is no Torah, there is no instruction to keep, and there is no need to “work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” Paul must have messed up on that one! Jesus said, “if you keep my instructions, then you are my disciples.” But, He said that BEFORE HE DIED and did away with the Torah, so we don’t have any instructions to keep now that He “finished the Torah.” If we are not disciples [students of the Living Torah] there is no commission for us to go out and accomplish, since the commission is to make disciples of the nations teaching them the father’s instructions. Jesus did that through His disciples already. Our mission then is to die and go to heaven. Until then we have grace to do exactly what we want and live exactly as we please. Free to define life on our own terms.

Yes, this is what some people today are calling grace…

Just as the concept of Torah comes from an archery term, so does the word for sin in Greek – hamartia. It means to miss the target. This is unintentional sin. Sin, in Hebrew, goes a little deeper. Chet means a wall of protection. It comes from the verb chatta, which means to miss the mark, to fail, to offend. Literally, sin is putting a wall in front of the heart so that the Father’s arrow hits the wall instead of penetrating our heart. A hardened heart can lead to all kinds of intentional sin if we don’t move the wall out and expose the heart of flesh again to the Father’s arrows of instruction.

Jesus became the sin offering called the chatta’ha. Literally, we can picture this as Jesus getting in front of the fiery darts of the evil one, taking all the arrows that the evil one was sending toward our heart because we got in the pathway of those darts instead of God’s darts. Jesus took the hit for us, covering us in a “SHIELD OF FAITH.” He called Himself our brother, which means strong protector. And gave us some time [aka grace] to get the wall that we put in front of our heart out of the way so we could get back in the pathway of the arrow and start receiving the Father’s arrows of instruction again. Literally, the Gospel of the Kingdom is “Prepare the Way of the Lord.” In other words, “Child of God, get back on the path of the Father’s instructions so that His Teaching can be engraved upon your heart.” This is the Spirit of Elijah–to turn the hearts of the children to the Father and the Father to the children.

Jesus did not do away with the Torah. He made a way for the Torah to be engraved upon your heart after you rejected the Father’s instructions and left the pathway of His instruction to do your own thing.

Jesus took all those fiery darts the evil one sent our way to protect us from our own demise. He did all that just to hear us say that there is no need for the Father’s instructions anymore?! How much this must grieve His heart.
For many today Jesus is a ticket to heaven, not a covenant. If Jesus is not a covenant, then there is no reason to stay faithful to God’s instructions. Is this what we call Kingdom living today?

If Jesus showed up, would we recognize Him? And if He told us to get back to Torah (The Father’s ways) would we want to crucify Him all over again? Or worse, would we pick the anti-Christ because we think he is Jesus?

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  1. PaulBass says:

    Amen. Your last paragraph makes a harsh, but real, question: if people reject a Torah teaching Savior now, how will they react when a Torah keeping Messiah returns? I taught in the prisons for a few years. They get it. How do so many people walk up to a mic and proclaim that the rules have been done away with? Which is it? Did he die to forgive us, or simply wipe out the Torah so we don’t need forgiveness?


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