Dr. Don Lynch Facebook The 2020 question…Stay or Go

There is a strong, legitimate tension between “do I stay in this church-anity and pray for revival” or “do I find an authentic Remant where I can mature into kingdom leadership?”

People who were faithful in some places saw authentic moves of God. People who stayed in others died faithful but incomplete.

I do not adhere to the idea that only one of these options is godly. I do think that the tens of millions should walk away. I do think that a few hundred thousand might stay for a couple more months but leave when the 2020s arrive.

You should not attend a church to keep your children happy since the rearing of your children is not the church’s responsibility in the first place. If you cannot discipline your children enough that they must have DisneyWorld to be happy for your 45 minutes show in the worship center, grow up and start being a good parent.

Same for your teens. Stop doing the “they need their own little world to worship in” stuff that leads to them wander off the moment they have the opportunity to do so. Expect them to be adult, act adult, and worship like adults when they turn twelve and mature from there.

(Well, that was wonderful, wasn’t it.)

Next, do not attend a church because it has a cool worship team or great morning show that you think your friends and family will think makes you cool too. Never attend a church because it makes unbelievers happy. That is bizarre. The church has no assignment that resembles that.

Next, do not think that big or small has anything to do with where God assigns you. Massive ministries or measured outposts of kingdom focus are both legitimate. Big isn’t more successful, that’s for certain. Little isn’t a sign something is wrong, that’s is also for sure.

Next, the issue is that the King assigns you. You do not choose. The King sets you into place in the kingdom, not trends you read from recent articles in Relevant magazine (that’s for sure, for sure, for certain!) If you cannot tell where the King assigns you, you aren’t properly aligned so kingdom leaders can help you understand what the King wants. In other words, you aren’t submitted to kingdom order so the thinking of the King sets your priorities, and you are not seeking first the kingdom of God. It is odd to think the King has authority but talks so little or so softly that His people cannot hear Him.

Next, determine that where you know you are aligned is where you will stay. Period. Assume that any alignment is for your entire life. Assume that only a Divine earthquake would alter that reality. If you are aligned with Saul – or think you are – know that your faithfulness with Saul is critical to your success with David or being a David leader yourself. Assume that learning submission when and where they are throwing spears at you is part of your worship training.

Next, live wholeheartedly in that alignment as you pursue your assignment. Beware of living with a divided heart. Check your rhythms every day. Assume that the synchronization comes from the King, not you – do not assume that the whole kingdom needs to change to match your heartbeat. Assume you need to synchronize with the King’s rhythms.

I am certain that the 2020s will begin with a bang of cataclysmic shifts. That will be both painful and necessary. I am certain that the shifts made into the King’s strategic plans will immediately install accelerated maturity into the hard drive of kingdom culture.

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