Is Scripture Addressed Mostly to Males? [Part Two]

Chris Bacavis' Poemunition

In my conversations, another claim brought up was that the Bible supposedly addresses men more often than women in regard to matters of salvation. Tied in with this was a notion that the Catholic Church in particular has been one of the most guilty of reinforcing such a notion through its liturgy, rituals, and leadership.

As to the latter point, there’s clearly a difference between what an organized religious group affirms (whether it be the Catholic Church or the Southern Baptist Convention) and what the Bible itself actually teaches. I’d be glad to look at specific verses that anyone understands as teaching salvation for men alone and not for women, but I’d still maintain that such passages don’t exist. Again, as I stressed in my previous post, the word “men” used in the context of salvation always refers to humankind in general (as the original Hebrew and Greek language…

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