Seeing 1111. 111 11

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There are several combinations of Greek words in the opening line of John’s gospel that have a numerical value of 777. (And even more that are close!) There are 3 different ways that WORD + AND + WORD make 777 alone.

John tried to evoke the first line of Genesis, not just with his words but also with his mathematics.

777 is of course 7 x 111, and as I pointed out recently 111 is one of the numbers of covenant.

In this Hebrew year, 5777, covenant is His continued call to us: to ratify old covenants with Him and come into a deeper level of covenant.

These divine covenants are in the order to which we are called to them.

(1) blood covenant, a work solely and completely of God
(2) name covenant – can be initiated by God or man.
(3) threshold covenant (also called “cornerstone” covenant).
(4) salt covenant, the sealing of “forever” on other covenants.
(5) covenant of peace

In this year of 5777, if you’ve been seeing 111 or 1111 or 11:11 or similar everywhere (and I know a lot of people have), it’s God’s call to another covenant.

Ask Him which one He wants you to go to – or to ratify.


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