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In this article I am going to give a bountiful supply of Scripture so that you can test for yourself what I am going to lay out in this article. As a reader, I encourage you to test this information for yourself so that you may know with certainty in your own heart what it is to have the understanding that God requires of His people in rightly dividing His Word of Truth!
Today, there is much MUCK to sort through on the topic of discernment and much of it is a distortion of truth that is more often distracting than it is helpful. We can be so BUSY striving after our own understanding. God desires that we would simply walk in the peace of God by having our minds secure in His Truth.
The prophet Isaiah spoke out a decree and promise about His Father in 26:3, “You keep in perfect peace one whose mind is stayed on You because he trusts in You.” Stayed is the Hebrew root verb samak סָמַךְ (H5564) which means “to lean, lay, rest, support.” This word in Hebrew communicates laying siege of the mind of the Lord.
We can look at the words of King Solomon in Proverbs 3 to help us better understand the words of Isaiah. How do we, through trust, siege the mind of on the Lord?
v. 1-2: “My son, do not forget my teaching [Torah, תורה], but let your heart keep my mitzvot [commandments]. For length of days and years of life, and shalom [peace] they will add to you.” King Solomon is making reference to the 5th commandment to honor father and mother and the promise which comes through this observance. When you honor all the words of the Father, His promise is that all things will go well for you.
v. 3-4: “Let kindness [H2617] and truth [H571] never leave you—bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.”
King Solomon also relates that keeping the Father’s teaching and writing His words on our heart results in a perfect balance between mercy and truth at work in us. Having this balance empowers us to remain absolutely devoted to practicing His Teaching through daily actions called mitzvot (H4687). Mitzvot (plural for mitzvah) can also mean good deeds, faith works, and connection. The root verb in mitzvah is tzavah (H6680) which implies that the instructions and commands of God, our Father, are working orders of actions similar to an Army General giving strategic orders to his footsoldiers in the field. These good deeds merge His righteousness and His justice into demonstrations of loving kindness. A mitzvah can be nick-named LIGHT. The action is LIGHT, a LAMP to the receiver of the action as well as a Divine connection point between the giver and Heaven. King Solomon gives the result of a mitzvah in the verse which follows.
v. 4: “Then you will gain favor [חן chen, grace, H2580] and a good name in the eyes of God and man.” This speaks of a reliable and trustworthy testimony, a witness through a good reputation as one who is upright (deals righteously and justly) before people and before God.
The instructions and commands of God, our Father, are working orders of actions similar to an Army General giving strategic orders to his foot soldiers in the field. Soldiers on the battlefield don’t have the eyes to see the bigger picture of what is happening outside their camp. Their safety and security is completely reliant on the strategic orders of the General and his thorough surveillance of the territory they are entering. For them to establish the boundaries of peace in the battlefield, they need trust and they need supernatural understanding.
This takes us to King Solomon’s next words. v. 5: “Trust in Adonai with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding.” Trust begins with us refusing to lean on our own understanding, but instead placing our trust in the understanding God gives to us concerning Himself and His ways. We have to place our complete trust in God as our Father and as our Life Instructor so that we don’t wander outside the safety parameters God has established as his WALL of protection around us. A soldier who acts on his own understanding endangers himself, his fellow team, the civilians for which they are strategically placed to protect, and potentially compromises the success of the entire mission.
v. 7 – 8: “Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear Adonai and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your body and refreshment to your bones.” When we respect our Father’s authority and siege hold of His thoughts, an understanding penetrates our heart to empower us with discernment in separating what is good from what is evil. When we act on God’s wisdom, we develop insight into the differences between His wisdom and self-indulged wisdom. Trusting His wisdom releases His shalom, His peace into our mind and heart. His peace releases healing power to restore and refresh our soul–physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, relationally, and more.
What does any of this have to do with discernment?
If you stay with me, I will tie everything together. I am also going to provide the numbers to the Strong’s concordance so that you can go back to the terms I am going to list and visit the Scriptures in their complete context yourself. This will help you get the bigger picture on this very important building block of faith practice. If there is anything I don’t explain clearly or you need more information to understand, feel free to ask me in comments or in a private message.

First of all, discernment is NOT based upon an emotional impression.

Let’s go to the dictionary and see what impression means.

1. An idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed without conscious thought or on the basis of little evidence.

2. An imitation of a person or thing, especially one done to entertain.

Discernment has nothing to do with an impression. I will say, if you discern using impression, you will very likely be smothered, overwhelmed, easily led astray, delayed, confused, clouded, tossed around, beat up, torn apart, chaotic, hyper, anxious, driven, impulsive… need I go on? It is more accurate to say that true biblical, Godly, sound discernment is something spiritually perceived. This is not a matter of semantics and word choice, because God used the words He used in Scripture to make discernment a certain, firm thing. We can only get this clear certainty if we look at the language God used to first communicate discernment to us. In doing so, we discover that discernment is a SET THING. I hope to effectively break this down for anyone choosing to read this article.

Discernment, from a biblical perspective, is ALWAYS JOINED to something in order to substantiate the matter in question. Discernment has evidence to back it up and that evidence is not based upon an impression. It is based upon something tangible that can be turned immediately into wisdom and practical application.

Discernment is NOT something we feel on an emotional level. You my “perceive” something through senses and emotion but, it is not discernment until what is perceived is made evident. Discernment is something we KNOW on both an intellectual level (intellectual in the sense that it involves the skills of analysis, examination, dissection, etc.) and a spiritual level, in that ALL discernment from God will directly be joined to specific instructions. Those instructions will act as a blueprint in how to navigate through those instructions “to build” His TRUTH into our perception-meter. We need to have a scale that balances perfectly between what we know in the natural with what God knows in the supernatural. That balanced scale of justice and integrity becomes our reputation in making sound judgements.


The word discernment in the Bible very simply means UNDERSTANDING, which I will break down momentarily. First I will lay out some practical principles on the differences between discernment, opinion, preference, and impression.
  • Discernment is being able to align information to covenant in order to establish wisdom as the principal thing. This results in the activation of the fear of the Lord in order to protect all discernment activities thereafter–be that prayer, intercession, planning, making decisions, carrying out strategy, communicating vision, gearing up for movement, and so on.
  • Discernment is a spiritual substance that has spiritual weight and authority to which, when it is operating within the realm of God’s Spirit, always bears witness to Himself and will never contradict His Word or His nature.
  • Opinion will align information to personal beliefs and values that do not necessarily align to God’s values and ways because those opinions are rooted and grounded in what our opinions define as truth. Opinions are often relative for this reason. Therefore, our opinions can already be rooted in a stronghold that will “retaliate” against us if we act prematurely and outside God’s authority.
  • Opinions can certainly lack discernment and lead us away from wisdom.
  • Opinions can be good or be evil depending upon the motive and the attitude behind the opinion. If aligned to God’s truth, they can be sound. In this case, any good opinion that meets good discernment can result in making good (sound) judgments.
  • Preference will align information to personal style and taste. You can favor your opinion over discernment, subjecting that discernment to serve a preference instead of serving the truth. This results in injustice and unrighteousness.
  • Preference can be prostituted to confusion, fear of man, and control. In turn, infects discernment with manipulation, intimidation, and distortion of facts/details. When this happens, sensuality is navigating the discernment process rather than truth. Sensuality is impulsive and driven behavior that lacks self-control. Perceptions from this source will impose its opinions, impressions, and preferences onto a perceived threat. There is no discernment from this source that can please God because it is without faith and trust.
  • We can get an impression about something and run with the emotion, thinking the discernment is rooted in a “feeling” we must immediately act upon. This is why discernment does not operate out of an impression. Emotions can take over and lead us astray, driving us into actions that God has to discipline and correct, and even oppose because they are not rooted and grounded in Him.
Discernment is an understanding that is drawn out from supportive evidence. That evidence comes from the Word of God. The Word of God will ALWAYS confirm any and all discernment and will separate all and any discernment from opinion, preference, assumptions, and impressions that are not His. When that distinction has been accurately made, a truth foundation is secure so that we can safely act on our discernment with the full and complete backing of heaven. Therefore, let it be said, it is very dangerous to exercise discernment contrary to God’s Word. God knows if we are using His discernment tools or if we are using our own. SATAN and every wicked power in this word serving darkness also knows when we are not exercising God’s judgement.
This may all sound redundant to someone who thinks they are a discerning person. If you are a charismatic person, you may even think I am being overly legalistic and ridiculous about terminology. However, in what I will demonstrate though Scripture–that I encourage you to thoroughly test and examine for yourself–you will see how very seriously God treats this matter of discernment and how He grieves over the abuse of His Spirit when we apply His name to things he has not sanctified as His own.

We break two commandments when we don’t rightly discern:

  1. We profane His name. Many people assume taking God’s name in vain means swearing or using His name as a swearword. That is incomplete. To profane God’s name means we unsanctify Him by reducing him to common understanding.
  • We profane Him the moment we make our understanding more important than His understanding–as if He is not involved in every aspect of life, in every moment of time, with understanding about reality! When we do this, we make Him a god of men and not the Almighty God He is.
  • We can profane His name by misrepresenting Him and His Word every time we interpret His word through our own understanding rather than rising to His understanding. His 7-fold nature includes wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel, might, revelation, humility and fear of the Lord. If we are in fellowship with His Spirit, then we will engage the WHOLE COUNSEL of truth pulling His discernment out of all dimensions and expressions of His Spirit.
2. We bear false witness against the one who is the Word of God. We reduce God to being a man, and thus a liar. He sends forth His word to accomplish it. He can’t accomplish flesh. He confirms His Word with signs following. He can’t confirm what is flesh without stepping outside His own nature into divination. He is not One who can be bribed to act nor is He One who will take gifts in order to be coerced to respond in our favor at the cost of His own Name.
Again, tying the words of King Solomon in here, by breaking these commands we also break the commandment to honor our Father. This is not just a commandment about earthly parents, it applies to our Father in Heaven as well.
It is of vital importance to comprehend this now so we order our steps in the LORD and no longer walk in our own understanding concerning the things we may perceive in our senses. Because we perceive it does not make it true. Nor should we dismiss something “perceived” as false. Instead, we need to carefully and thoughtfully examine with care so that we do not falsely judge a matter outside of God’s order. This is how we can find ourselves in “retaliation” mode.
Let’s quickly define retaliation:
  1. The action of returning a military attack; counterattack.
  2. The action of harming someone because they have harmed oneself; revenge.
Let me ask a question: If God is for you, and you use HIS battle strategy to enter into the camp of the enemy, will God subject you to retaliation? To a counterattack? The quick answer is “No.” He will send your enemy running! His Word says, “Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).
If you keep God’s protocol, the enemy has to give himself over to God’s authority. PERIOD. Who is the King of King’s and the Lord of Lord’s, and whose Name is above every other name in heaven, in the earth, and under the earth? There is no other!
Bottom line: if we engage war illegally, we become subjected to a counterattack. If we fail to get understanding, we engage in ignorance and without Heaven’s backing. If we are outside God’s boundary, we are left vulnerable. That creates a vicious cycle. It is our pride that sends us into that downward spiral.

So, let’s dive in to what the Bible teaches us about DISCERNMENT…

Firstly, the prophets established something called “code of first occurrence.” This means that the first time a word is used in scripture is the foundation of that word. Every other usage will build on that original building block/cornerstone.
With this in mind, let’s look at where “discernment” first shows up in the Bible. It is in the Creation Story that discernment appears for the first time. In Genesis 1, the very first act of discernment in the Scriptures is God Himself discerning as He builds His creation. And as He does this He is establishing a matter, a thing, in the atmosphere so that the earth from here on will cause the earth to “groan for the release of the sons of peace.”

Genesis 1:4 – separated the light from darkness וַיַּבְדֵּ֣ל אֱלֹהִ֔ים בֵּ֥ין הָא֖וֹר וּבֵ֥ין
In the passage, I bolded the root verb “to discern.”

Literally, God placed a space between light and darkness to separate them and make one distinct from the other.
In Hebrew, this is the word bayin בֵּין (Strong’s H996). It literally means an interval, a space between. Bayin comes from the root verb bin בִּין (Strong’s H995) meaning “to discern” or “to separate.” These words together are communicating the action of making DISTINCTION.
In His first act of creating, God exercises His discernment in speaking out His Word, to make a distinction between the function of light and the function of darkness. As God made this distinction, chaos and the confusion was displaced from the atmosphere. What was not in harmony with God was put in harmony with God and balance was restored in the atmosphere.
In making this distinction, light was given an abode and darkness was given an abode. By remaining separate, they have the ability to function in synergy as a complete DAY. From the beginning, Light was created as the set authority and darkness was abstracted from light and given a lesser domain. In the boundary which God set as His discernment, the darkness could not “seize hold” of the light to overcome it (John 1:1-5).
It is important to understand that this passage is not speaking about physical light (physical light is created on Day 4). This verse is speaking of spiritual light and spiritual dimensions that are put in a set Divine order that all of creation, hereafter, will follow.

Discernment is using understanding to set a space between one substance or reality and another.

When there is a DISTINCTION BUILT between these things, there is an order set to how something is given motion. This is true within both the natural and the spiritual dimensions. In the case of discernment, making the distinction empowers us “to build” a new reality. That new reality then sets a boundary of authority that we use to continue making distinctions.
Where did I get this idea that discernment and understanding are related?
The answer is in the words that God carefully selected to communicate His truth. AS we break these words down, I will also provide the Strong’s numbers to help you further examine. I will also include links to the Scripture references that show you the way these words are used in Scripture.
  1. Binah בִּינָה (H999) – an understanding. Can you see the word bin in there? Spelled ב – י – נ. This is called a three letter root. Any word in Hebrew sharing this three letter root is related to each other. Scripture: Daniel 2:21
  2. Binah (H998) – an understanding. It may seem like these are exactly the same, but they differ slightly. This word is used 38 times (https://biblehub.com/hebrew/998.htm). By clicking this link you can get access to the references of all the instances this word is used.
  3. ROOT verb, bin בִּין (H995) – “To discern” occurs 169 times, which you can view all these references in this link (https://biblehub.com/hebrew/strongs_995.htm).
4. There is another root verb that intersects to give a little more understanding to how we BUILD discernment. This is the root verb banah בָּנָה (H1129) which literally means “to build” or “to fashion” and it is used 375 times. You can find the references for those scriptures in this link (https://biblehub.com/hebrew/strongs_1129.htm).
The first occurrence of banah is in Genesis 2:22 when God “builds” Adam a wife to become his life-partner in building discernment and making distinctions. This gives us some insight into marriage and God’s design in making two as one.
Banah is a word in Hebrew that is used to describe a man building his house in the sense of birthing a son. So the word for son will join us in this list.
5. Ben בֵּן (H1121) – means son. Again, I will point out that the Hebrew word for son shares similar letters ב – ן. This is called a two letter parent root.

We use discernment in order that we may function upright before God as “sons” (and as daughters). Walking in understanding turns us into instruments or tools of discernment God can use to build Himself a legacy of “discerning ones.”

Banah can also apply to building wisdom. We learn in Proverbs that wisdom builds a house to dwell in. Our spiritual legacy comes through wisdom and understanding merging together into an atmosphere of KNOWING GOD.

When we use discernment as a spiritual tool in our own lives we are using the same spiritual tool our Creator used to build all of creation.

This includes the same tool which God used in “discerning male and female” in making them distinct from one another as a human being. In fact, the Hebrew makes very clear that a human being is not a human being unless it is male and female. Alone, a man in not a complete human. He is lacking a helper in building a potential legacy. Alone a woman is not a complete human. She is lacking someone to serve/offer help in sustaining that potential legacy. Functioning together they are human. They build life together. This is why the saying goes, a man’s wife is his home. Without a wife a man can have a house, but he is without a home and without a legacy. Just as in the first day of creation, God did not say “it was good” until the darkness was extracted from light. light and darkness functioning together they made evening and morning, ONE (echad) DAY. That same word echad is the word used to describe a man and a woman as ONE FLESH. Separate they are not echad, they are just single individuals. Together they are what God discerned as HUMAN. HE said, “it is not good that man is alone.” Therefore God built A NEW ADAM (human) from Adam’s side. Adam אדמ means human being (see https://biblehub.com/hebrew/120.htm). The human built from Adam’s side became his partner in multiplying human potential.
From the word ben (son) we get two more intersecting words in Hebrew:
  1. Av אָב (H1, H2) – Father.
In Hebrew when words share the same letters (have different pronunciations and meanings same letters) they also relate.
In this case, I want to point out that the spelling of father אב shares the spelling of eb אֵב which means fresh green or freshness (see usage here https://biblehub.com/hebrew/strongs_3.htm). Eb and Av have another shared word, abib אָבִיב (H24), meaning fresh ears, as in the heads of grain. Abib is the name of the spring season. See usage here (https://biblehub.com/hebrew/strongs_24.htm).
Why do I mention this? Because the whole concept of father and son begins with having “fresh ears” to understand how to bring in the harvest.
2. Ach אָח (H251) – a brother or strong protector. I don’t think I have to explain how the word brother ties in.
We are all “brethren” in God’s house. The family of God is made up of “sons” who have fresh ears to listen to the Father’s Word in creating DISTINCTIONS between what is good and what is evil. This helps us walk together with understanding. Thus allowing us to build a legacy of LOVE and fruitfulness that will continue to create the distinction between light and darkness…. Our distinctions become a wall of protection around each other so that we can function as One (echad).
Can you see how ABSOLUTELY CLEAR the Word of God is in setting FOUNDATIONAL TRUTHS?!?! Our Father wants us to build our understanding upon His discernment. Doing so immediately empowers us to walk in His Truth rather than our own understanding. We can immediately trust because God has already created the way for us to “get understanding.” We need only to take His Word of Power and BUIILD His understanding into our hearts. When we do this, we establish an unsinkable, unshakeable foundation internally.
We learn this in Proverbs 9:10 – “The fear of Adonai is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”
Proverbs tells us that understanding IS knowledge of the Holy One. Without knowledge (H1847) of the Holy One, understanding is lacking. This is not talking about knowing a person’s name. Having understanding is not “oh I am a Christian and now my part it is done.” No! Knowledge implies gaining experience, depth, time investment, premeditated understanding, intimacy, even skill.

God is intensely and intimately SKILLED in His knowledge of you. He is asking you to “love Him” and in that invitation to love Him He is also asking you to engage in knowing Him. When we share knowledge with God, He unlocks the secrets of His heart to us and reveals the hidden agendas and motived of our heart toward others. It is a perfect exchange.

Knowing someone starts with listening to them and taking what they say to heart and remembering their words. This is why the greatest commandment in the Bible is to listen. “Hear [listen, respond] O Israel, the Lord your God is One…”
Knowledge communicates a perception of the eye (da’at). The Hebrew letters that represent doorway and eye are in the spelling of this Hebrew word knowledge דעת. The eye functions as a door, or as a gateway of the soul. Jesus said, “If the eye is dark, there is a great darkness in a person.” They are consumed with fantasy and absent of any foundational truth. They are led by their own understanding and puffed up in their own wisdom as they walk “wise in their own eyes.” God gives us the light of His knowledge so that our eyes have no darkness and our path is completely visible before us.
Psalm 119:105: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”
God has the TRUEST perception of you. No other person can ever know you (H3045) yada you like He does. He is masterfully skilled in knowing how to discern you, so that He may BUILD you into His house. He can teach you how to know (yada) yourself from His perspective in order that you may be set apart in knowing Him; so that you can be DISTINGUISHABLE from every other human being in this world in how you relate to Him as your Creator and Everlasting Father. Use these links to view scripture references on knowledge (https://biblehub.com/hebrew/strongs_1847.htm and https://biblehub.com/hebrew/3045.htm).
Learning how to see yourself through His eyes begins with covenant relationship. This covenant starts with growing a pair of “fresh ears” so that you can hear his creative Word that is speaking “let there be light” instructions into your life. His creative word puts confusion into order so that light can emanate from our lives.

Finally, exercising discernment faithfully will make you into a reliable witness, trustworthy in a courtroom of heaven.

God will not invite you to give a testimony on behalf of a “brother” if you are not a reliable witness.
  • If you use your own opinions, your impressions, your assumptions, and your preferences against others you failed to understand God’s heart. You reveal that you do not KNOW His instructions.
  • If you use discernment as a weapon to execute JUDGEMENT upon your “brother” rather than to build them up in Truth, you are violating God’s authority. Wisdom builds a house that operates according to the Father’s authority.
God knows the difference, even if we pretend not to. If we learn to truly walk in understanding the way we are called to, then God can trust us to LOVE each other. He, then, can use us as His witnesses to act as a testimony of His great love towards others who do not yet know how to built into His house of love. The apostle John said the world will know us by our love. The world will relate to the Father based upon our presentation of love towards each other as covenant “brothers.” If our love for each other is not discernable by the world, then our witness fails. If the covenant is not distinguishable in God’s “sons” abiding in His house, then why would someone in the world be attracted to join themselves to that covenant?! Jesus said, the world will know the Messiah and the Father by the love we have for each other. Love opens their eyes to discern the Truth.
In the body of Messiah, too often we walk in our own understanding. In doing so we can be tempted to use “information” collected against our “brothers” to isolate them and exalt ourselves above them. Rather than applying Godly wisdom in loving one another, we fall into competing and comparing our wisdom and knowledge against others. Because we refuse to engage understanding and invest ourselves in truly knowing His discernment, our attitudes can be quite profane, revealing the deep confusion in our own hearts about our Father’s role in our life. Refusing to get His understanding and neglecting to apply His wisdom in making discernments, reveals to the Father that we are not trustworthy in protecting His interests in His own house. We are more about seeking our own interests. There is not love for God in our hearts in that way of living.
In this case, He may with-hold his discernment from us. He may leave us to walk in our own understanding until the afflictions related to our “independent thinking” wound us enough that we willingly apply ourselves to search out His Truth instead.

If you examine this matter closely, most of what we are calling discernment today is not based on the verses God speaks through to articulate and define His own heart. If we are honest, much of what we coin as discernment is our own preferences, impressions, opinions, and assumptions that we pack into soulish “imaginations” exalted above God. We need to cast those things down and bring them in to proper balance and order.

In fact, if we are honest, many of us completely ignore the Word of God and the instructions He has provided us with. This is because our own unbelief. Our lack of trust in our Father’s ability to discern us and build His heart into us has seeped into how we relate to His authority and His creation. We have a widespread infection of disloyalty to God’s Truth and manifesting His love. We have the evidences of biting and devouring one another, accusing, slander, back-biting, staining reputations though engaging false reports and spreading them, marking others with labels… I don’t need to go on. I am sure we have all experienced the highs and the lows of being apart of God’s covenant community. We are all a work in progress. If God has the patience to deal with us carefully then we should learn by His example how to deal patiently with others–unless we are just entitled to think we should have all the favor of God without valuing His instructions or protecting His interests.
How is it we think we can BUILD a house for the Father without His Understanding?! Why are we so determined to BUILD HEAVEN in this earth without using the Father’s Word’s as our building blocks? How is it that we can be so arrogant as to think we can BUILD a house of God’s Presence without His own breath acting as the life-force joining HIS WORD to our labour?!
This is what we need to come back to understanding above all–salvation is not a free ticket. Salvation is accepting God’s holy offer for a complete change of lifestyle. Salvation is not a free pass to flop around in spiritual gifts, run through fire tunnels, roll around doing “weird.” As if Jesus was some kind of prankster who never took the covenant seriously! Like He was just out to die and suffer to give us goosebumps, gold dust, and emotional experiences. God forbid! Jesus was very serious about the covenant. It wasn’t a Sunday game for him. It was a matter of life and death. Our salvation is set apart for living the covenant completely in Yeshua’s merit and power. Anytime we make salvation about anything else, we reduce the price Jesus paid to a “night out” on the town and a fading memory.
When we execute discernment based on emotions, feelings, and over sensitivities, we are exalting our own understanding above the word of God. And it is through these fabricated divisions that we have been returning confusion and chaos to the very House that He called out of chaos in order to be a light! How will we feel when we stand before Him and discover that our neglect or abuse in exercising discernment helped to usher in the Great delusion He sent us out with His Light to destroy?!
Now that we understand the cost of mis-stewarding discernment, let’s talk about the reward and blessing found in cultivating understanding. Wisdom is obeying the Word. Wisdom comes from practicing obedience and learning how to walk in freedom. Understanding is taking our experience with freedom and building a life that both fears the Lord and departs from evil. Having the truth hidden in our heart will make us a powerful witness and add authority to our testimony. But more so, it is not our testimony we are sharing with the world. The testimony we are called to share is the testimony of the Word.

If we LIVE THE WORD, our lives will bear the TESTIMONY of those words. Our actions will TESTIFY on behalf of the reliability of the covenant.

Do you not believe that God designed His Word to activate something in the atmosphere, especially when He used that same Word to create everything seen and unseen around you?
Do you not believe that when he created your physical body, that He build that body to spiritually and physically RESPOND in power to the Word of God?
Do you not believe God’s word activates something in you to be successful at keeping His Word alive?
Words related to becoming a DISCERNING witness for the Truth:
  1. Ed עֵד (H 5707) – a witness. There are 70 times עד is used. To see what it is to be a witness (positive or negative) see https://biblehub.com/hebrew/strongs_5707.htm.
  2. Ud עוּד(H5749) – root verb meaning “to return, go about, repeat, do again.”

Covenant is all about REPEATING God’s instructions. Reviewing them. Going back to them over and over again. Examining them again to continue going about doing them. And after we have given ourselves to doing what He says, we go right back out to do them gain. That is being a witness.

When we have discernment, we are going to be sent to REBUILD what has been torn down. We will restore, repair, renew… This will happen in giving warning, in making protest, in admonishing, in encouraging, in confronting–there are many ways we go about as a witness to the truth. In every single instance we need DISCERNMENT, UNDERSTANDING, WISDOM. We need the fear of the Lord, the knowledge of the Holy One, and the ability to rightly divide and make distinctions between what is God’s perception of reality and what is a false reality. See these references to understand this better: https://biblehub.com/hebrew/strongs_5749.htm.
I encourage you to go through the links provided. Set yourself to study what discernment is so that you may walk in understanding. God wants to use you as a light that removes all confusion and chaos. He will set you as His faithful witness, filling every void that surrounds you with the Light and the love of God!
We change the world by strategically living the Word of God and proving that it is faithful. Proving that it is reliable and that it is powerful to divide and make distinctions between clashing realities! Powerful enough to light up the whole world and remove all confusion from it. This is how God brought discernment into this world.
Doing life your way and defining your own truth may get you a name in this life until your name is but a faded memory. Doing life God’s way causes Heaven to remember you and Hell to shake in fear of you. Everyone in eternity who was influenced by your witness and your testimony in this life–they will be forever before you in the world to come as a witness and testimony to you that living the TRUTH is the only SUCCESS worth investing in!
We are building up God’s Kingdom one person at a time, one assignment at a time. Jesus cannot fail at succeeding in you. He Himself is Success. There is no darkness that can seize the light He created with His Word of Truth. God’s Word can BUILD FREEDOM into your heart. God’s Word can supernaturally add every kind of skillful wisdom to you in order to help you accomplish every impossible exploit He makes known to you in executing the power of His Name.

God created the light to overtake the darkness–He is waiting for us his “sons” and daughters to put on our fresh ears and discern what harvest He has made ripe!

More to come on this topic…

About nuggets4u

Born Again Christian since 1977 / Insurance Business / Nurse Natural health since 1986 Roots of disease since 2008 / Pastor Dr Gail www.hope4u.ca Facebook: Hope Outreach Community Centre I post information pertaining to/ natural health, Spirit, Soul, Body, Relationships, Finance, and World Affairs.
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