Climate Bullies Gone Wild; Caught on Tape and Print

CO2 is Life


The Liberal Arts Universities portray themselves as open-minded, tolerant, inclusive, and diverse centers of academic freedom that promote equality and determine the truth through a rigorous application of the scientific method. In reality, if you are a Christian, Conservative or Climate Scientist seeking the truth, Liberal Arts Universities are close-minded, intolerant, exclusive and homogenized centers of leftist ideology indoctrination and Orwellian group-think, not interested in seeking the truth or understanding. Left-wing Liberal Arts Universities instead promote politics as scientific truth, and ruthlessly discriminate against and punish those who don’t follow the herd, fall in line, kiss the ring and/or surrender to the “consensus.”20170208_tolerant_0

This blog post will document the hostile workplace environment that appears to be condoned by the University’s Administrations and the EEOC. We can only hope that under a President Trump administration the workplace regulation against hostility and discrimination will finally be applied equally across the political spectrum. BTW, it is easy…

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