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“It is quite an education when I consider the degree of anger and hostility I get from “Christians” when I simply point out the ethics that Jesus taught, you know, ‘red letter’ stuff, like, love your enemies, do good to them who spitefully use you, etc. People will dodge, dance, resist, resent, fight, attack, slander, and any number of other lovely “Christian” behaviors for the right to cling to retributive justice and other unbiblical and ungodly beliefs, especially when Jesus’ ethics challenge their own. Once when dealing with an elder’s wife on an issue, I pointed to what Jesus said (in context, properly exegeted), in her own “red letter” Bible, that was contrary to what she was believing, clinging to, and fighting me about. Her exact words to me: ‘My Jesus is not like that.’ Precisely, that is the problem.” Dr. Stephen Crosby

The Church presents Christ as the therapist…

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  1. John says:

    churches have not known for over 1500 years twelve chosen disciples preached Jesus from the original written Torah (Chabad) scriptures of the prophets known as the “Mystery of God” Revelation 10:7!
    The original Torah declares the Messiah “the man Jesus Christ” came in the flesh by human conception between a man and a woman.
    long ago men (Jewish rulers) changed the truth of God into a lie to stop the true teaching of Torah (Chabad) in the name of Jesus Christ!
    Churches have been believing the “LIE” through counterfeit scriptures of the prophets in the “Old Testament” Holy Bible of the gentiles!
    Satan has been coming in the mirror image of Jesus Christ, speaking the word of God with all power of lying signs and wonders.

    This antichrist spirit has already been at work since this other counterfeit Jesus Christ “word” of prophecy started with the forefathers of the Roman Catholic “Mother” Church of all churches!
    I am telling the truth. Churches are filled with people that have the counterfeit sealing of a false spirit upon their foreheads and church leaders have both this false sealing upon their foreheads and their right hand to perform lying signs and wonders, preach doctrine of devils that come as angels of light doing works of iniquity! But nobody believes this has been happening for over 1500 years and we are in the fulfillment of the gentiles right NOW! Church leaders will not even touch the original Torah on and study the true written scriptures of the prophets which is the base foundation of God’s testimony of His son!
    Churches do not realize Jesus was the first to be born again (firstborn by God’s eternal spirit) when he was immersed in water (Mikvah) by John the prophet of the Highest! This does refer to the virgin birth prophecy which was a cover up to fool the gentiles into believing the LIE!
    I am telling the truth. the spirit of God is calling His chosen people through the man Jesus Christ to come out of these churches, their false teachings, and touch not the unclean people in these churches that will not repent but continue to live in sins and do works of iniquity by using the name of Jesus Christ!
    God’s chosen people are coming out of these churches and getting into prayer to get ready, But some are foolish virgins will not believe the love of the truth!
    we are in the book of Revelation chapter 11. I am the witness with a testimony that has seen Satan coming as angel of light in the mirror image of Jesus Christ. I have seen the image of the beast Matthew 24:15 in the heavenly realm outside court of the Temple Revelation 11:2 where gentiles worship within these man made churches around the world! This worship of the gentiles and their works of iniquity using the name of Jesus Christ has reached the heavens!


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