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Yesterday’s post looked at the opposite of panic: awe.

Today I want to look at the complement of panic: rejection.

Threshold spirits are complex entities. There seems to be a belief around that isn’t articulated but is generally assumed: major spirits have single functions. One and only one strategy. A solitary agenda.

But nothing can be further from the truth. Just as we are multi-talented and multi-gifted, so are they. You might be reeling from rejection and also wanting to flee in panic except you feel like you’re tied up in knots while more and more people keep scapegoating you – and that description doesn’t mean an attack by four different spirits, but just points out four different tactics of the same one.

It’s an incredibly difficult spirit to dislodge. Ask the disciples who tried to help the father whose epileptic son was oppressed by this spirit. (See Matthew 17:14-20 but read back to Matthew 16 to realise that Jesus has returned to Caesarea Philippi, and thus to the temple of Pan, after whom panic is named.)

Did Jesus bind this spirit? No, He rebuked it. What did He say was needed? Prayer and fasting.

This is the one where fasting is sometimes needed to dislodge it.

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