Waking the Church Evangelist Tommie Zito

This is the real global reset. One of the greatest byproducts of all of this will be The Church Business System will be shaken.
“For if someone comes to you & preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.” -2 Cor 11:10
There has been a false gospel and false Christ being preached consistently by most of the world, and “Christians” have been lulled to sleep by it. It manifests here in America the greatest. It’s another gospel as Paul referred to. In a vast majority (and I’ve been observing a long time)
There’s no Blood being preached
There’s no Cross being preached
There’s no conviction anymore.
There’s no visible repentance happening.
There’s no fear of God manifesting.
There’s little holiness being produced.
Where’s the cry for souls? Where’s the genuine? Where’s the pure? Where’s the real? Most churches have never seen one miracle, one healing, or even a single demon cast out of people their entire ministry. It’s not Christ’s Gospel. Die to self. Lose your life. Count it as dung. Take no thought for your own life. Your life was bought and it’s not your own.
Tithing is about 3 percent at best.
Christians who share Christ consistently is about 3 percent. 80 percent have never shared the gospel even once.
For most of the 487,000 Churches, Prayer Meetings are a thing of the past. Most all church services average 1 hour.
We are told hurry the service. That brings more people. People are too busy. They will get tired. They have a thousands of other things that are more important.
There’s a beautiful worship movement sweeping the nation, but that’s the easy part. We GET to worship. Everyone loves to. It’s the greatest part of our week and of any service. But He said, “people will honor me with their lips, but their hearts will be far from me.” Where is the sacrificial parts? Weeping Day and Night like He said.

Seems we have spent far too much time creating the ambiance of our buildings and coffee bars then pouring in to people what they really needed for this hour.

Dead people fear nothing.

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Born Again Christian since 1977 / Insurance Business / Nurse Natural health since 1986 Roots of disease since 2008 / Pastor Dr Gail www.hope4u.ca Facebook: Hope Outreach Community Centre I post information pertaining to/ natural health, Spirit, Soul, Body, Relationships, Finance, and World Affairs.
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1 Response to Waking the Church Evangelist Tommie Zito

  1. Your post is so true! May we each look at ourselves and put away what’s lacking and move forward!


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