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UK Government Downgrades Coronavirus as No Longer Highly Dangerous

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The British government has downgraded the coronavirus from being an acute infectious disease with a high case fatality rate. After reviewing the data, they have come to their senses. Moreover, a study released by Oxford finds that perhaps 50% of those in the UK have the virus and the overwhelming number experience it like the normal flu and have little symptoms. The study suggests that fewer than one in a thousand of those infected with COVID-19 become ill enough to need hospitalization. So why the hysteria? There is some other agenda here!

In Italy, they are testing corpses. They are deliberately trying to attribute death to only the virus. This appears to also be a political agenda. Some are quietly suggesting behind the curtain that this has been the result of the refugees and Europe’s refusal to compensate Italy for a policy they never approved. The talk is this is perhaps laying the foundation for a separatist movement.

This begs the question as to why there is a panic in the United States. Why is there a demand to shut down the economy? This smells more like a political coup rather than a serious health threat. This is becoming CoronaGate. Is this really about trying to overthrow governments by the left?

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