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While millions were watching on their TVs and devices, the host asked me, “What moment are we at in this country?” I answered, “The American church is at the Red Sea.”

Much of the American church believes this is a time of fear, despair, and profound disappointment. It is a time of dreadful uncertainty. It seems that the promises given to us by preachers have popped like so many balloons. Many regret standing with Trump. Others are abandoning their convictions in order to please a fallen culture. Still others are stunned and confused by the bizarre events unfolding every day.

Divisions spread like earthquake faults. Many are pointing fingers. It would seem that we need someone to arise and bring us a soothing balm. Someone to console us. But the fact is, we need a swift kick.

The Israelites were backed up against an impenetrable sea. A vast army, blind…

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