Charles Finney, known as the greatest revivalist in North America, was not burdened for the lost souls in the world but the “lost Christians” sitting every week in the pews, neither converted or changed, thinking their ticket had been stamped “safe” for eternity when in reality their cry will echo through the judgment hall… “but Lord, Lord did we not…(Matt 7:22-23).
Everywhere Finney preached, revival broke out. When he finally left a town, the drinking establishments were boarded up, the vice houses were closed, the gambling halls were shuttered, and the police had nothing to do because crime, for a season, was non-existent.
In Rome, N.Y. the Stages that passed through with travelers journeying across the state would stop at the hotel so the passengers could get a meal or spend the night where they would be struck by a powerful, spiritual impression and being convicted cry out that they needed to get right with God. It was a common remark that nobody could be in the town, or pass through it, without being aware of the presence of God; that a divine influence seemed to pervade the place, and the whole atmosphere to be filled with heavenly influence.
Preaching in a church in Evans Mills, N.Y., Finney spoke two or three sentences when the power of the Holy Spirit rocked the place to its foundation. The congregation began to fall from their seats in every direction crying out for mercy. Finney said, “If I had a sword in each hand I could not cut them down faster than they fell. The whole congregation was on their knees or prostate. All this happened in less than two minutes after the first Holy Spirit nudge.” One witness reported that, “It was like a one hundred gun firing squad opened on them and five hundred fell, not hither or yon, but as one action as if a heavenly hand pulled the floor out from under them.”
(Taken from “THE FIRE THAT ONCE WAS” by Frank Di Pietro)

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