Let’s talk aluminum.

Aluminum is a prime receiver of electromagnetic signals

What do they put in vac cins that causes neurological damage?

It’s aluminum, of course.

Aluminum is a problem in tissues because all cells normally release ELF-UV light and Aluminum is the perfect atomic reflector of UV light.

What is the main element being sprayed everywhere via geoengineering (chemtrails)?

That’s right. Aluminum.

What is the main elemental byproduct of soy processing that is virtually inside all commercial chocolate, that millions of beings indulge in?


Soy products contain high levels of aluminium, leached from the aluminium tanks in which they are acid washed and processed at high temperatures.

The fact that most, if not all, drug capsules contain soy as an ingredient, should be a huge red flag for everyone.

What causes alzheimer’s and dementia due to accumulation in the brain?

Say it out loud.


Glyphosate, the main ingredient in genetically modified foods, actually stimulates the body to accept and absorb aluminium.

Glyphosate and aluminum work together to deliver a double-whammy to brain and gut health.

Both glyphosate and aluminum work together in ways that destroy healthy gut flora.

Glyphosate disrupts gut bacteria, leading to an overgrowth of Clostridium difficile.

Its toxic product, p-cresol, is linked to autism in both human and mouse models. p-Cresol enhances uptake of aluminum.

What binds with fluoride to go in and calcify your pineal gland?


Glyphosate chelates aluminium, allowing ingested aluminum to bypass the gut barrier. This leads to anemia-induced hypoxia, promoting neurotoxicity and damaging the pineal gland.

Both glyphosate and aluminium disrupt cytochrome P450 enzymes, which are involved in melatonin metabolism.

Furthermore, melatonin is derived from tryptophan, whose synthesis in plants and microbes is blocked by glyphosate.

Feelings, compulsions, urges and thoughts are all implanted into the psyche via HAARP technology and Wi-Fi that has an effect on everything inorganic around in scope, such as aluminium deposits in the body, which serve as a receivers and transmitters in the brain’s pineal gland.

Aluminum has a special affinity for neurological tissue.

It’s not a coincidence that v* contain very high levels of this neurotoxin.

It’s not coincidence they spray aluminum in the atmosphere.

It’s not coincidence aluminum is in deodorant.

It’s no coincidence glyphosate is in our food and fluoride is in our water and both work synergistically with aluminum.

Educate yourself so you can detox yourself and your family from all toxic metals, primarily, Aluminum and Fluoride.


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