In light of the recent story of 3 women kidnapped and held for ten years in Cleveland, many ask “How can someone do something so horrific.” An understanding of CRIMINAL SCHIZOPHRENIA will help you understand the demonic aspect of SOME, NOT ALL, CRIMINALS. Criminal Schizophrenia I recently did a teaching on CRIMINAL SCHIZOPHRENIA in my series on Double-Mindedness. People with a history of criminal activity are usually in need of deliverance from Schizophrenia (double-mindedness). The Rebellion personality in the Schizophrenic includes spirits of bitterness, violence, murder, retaliation, lawlessness, and anti-submissiveness which are connected to REJECTION. Persons who have been incarcerated for criminal activity (especially violent crimes) will need deliverance after being released, and the church is often ill equipped to minister because of the lack of deliverance and the lack of revelation in the area of Schizophrenia. Rejection is compounded in those incarcerated because of societal rejection. Convicted felons have a difficult time once back in society, and often have a difficult time staying faithful to Christ because of double-mindedness, which will often cause them to go back into criminal activity. They need acceptance, love, and deliverance from those who understand the Schizophrenic Revelation, and how rejection and rebellion work to hinder a person from becoming stable in their personality.
I found this chart which is also helpful!  Blessings  Gail
                                                                  Schizophrenia pic

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