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I don’t think there has ever been a presidential election that I’ve been as passionate about as this one. I think many would say the same thing. And yet I realize that those who are truly born again are part of another kingdom. And it is from this kingdom’s perspective I write these sobering words.

Whoever is the next president of the United States will not be able to stop the plans and purposes of God. I have reached my limit of reading and hearing of why Trump is the man of the hour, or why Cruz is God’s choice, or even why Hillary would destroy this nation if elected. What I have decided to do is shut off those voices and hide myself in God.

The year 2017 will be a very bad year for the world. I know that in my gut. But if the body of Christ…

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Born Again Christian since 1977 / Insurance Business / Nurse Natural health since 1986 Roots of disease since 2008 / Pastor Dr Gail Facebook: Hope Outreach Community Centre I post information pertaining to/ natural health, Spirit, Soul, Body, Relationships, Finance, and World Affairs.
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